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Bulldog’s ability to deliver the FUN factor is proving just the ticket for operators

Bulldog Games PAC MAN Pusher
Following its dramatic introduction to the UK amusements sector in January 2018, the Bulldog range has quickly established a reputation for delivering the..

Harry Levy: A specialist skillset

Harry Levy Caterpillar Willy Crash Kong Smash
With the seaside sector primed for what could be a huge summer three choice cuts from the the sizeable Harry Levy portfolio look set to make waves..

JNC let the pushers do the talking

JNC Sales, pushers, harry levy, space reels
JNC Sales is letting the pushers do the talking this Easter, with a no risk offer on the distinct five player Space Reels from Harry Levy. After a successful relaunch at this year’s EAG show and following several modifications, customers can try this unique ticket pusher over the Easter period at no obligation. Space Reels will be available for the first...

Harry Levy: Caterpillar is a new classic

Harry Levy, Caterpillar, fec, pushers
Harry Levy’s three and six player pushers have been causing quite the stir since their recent market debuts and appear set to be a key installation this summer. Harry Levy is renowned for its in-house designed pusher units. The products have been a hallmark of the UK FEC landscape for some time now and the latest in this long line...

Standing the test of time with Deith Leisure.

Deith Leisure, pushers, interview, sales
Whilst trends may come and go, pushers have stood the test of time with a mix of classic appeal and fun new features comments Kevin Temple, sales director, Deith Leisure. Coinslot: Pushers have always been a mainstay of the amusements industry, but their rise in recent years has been phenomenal. What’s behind this major resurgence of pushers and why are...

SuperBowl UK: Pushing the entertainment envelope

Superbowl UK entertainment Bulldog
Paul Quaintance Director of QLP Holdings Limited, which owns and manages eight Superbowl UK centres across the UK, discusses the company’s unprecedented expansion throughout the coming 18 months, the vital role amusements play in repeat business and how Bulldog...

Pushers:“The backbone of the FEC” says Martin

pushers, carousel amusements.
Picking up Monopoly and Cops N Robbers for the coming season, Carousel Amusements operator John Martin believes a winning combination of great products and exciting prizes is key to keeping pushers - “the mainstay of the FEC” - running strong. Over the last four or five years, Carousel Amusements in Westward Ho! has slowly replaced all but one of the...

Harry Levy: Pushing the market forward

Harry Levy, wacky racers, market, uk, leisure
Pusher units have been a mainstay of the UK leisure market for generations and owing to diligent work all through the supply chain the sector is remaining as relevant and profitable as ever, commented Harry Levy commercial director, Matthew Deith. ushers are as important to the UK leisure gaming market as they have ever been, Matthew Deith, commercial director at...

Pushers’ future safe as Treasury confirms 2p coin will stay

Two pence safe
Britain’s 2 pence coin is safe. The Treasury has ensured the coin’s role in everyday currency and in so doing handed a lifeline to the quintessential symbol of seaside traditions - the pusher machine. The long-term future of the pusher has been saved after the government confirmed it is abandoning plans to get rid of the 2p coin. Last weekend the...

Let’s push things forward

Heroes and Villains
The adoption of ticket payouts, impressive prizes and collectible options have proved to be a boon for the UK pusher market, comments John Crompton, UK sales manager BNAE who is keen to highlight a market sector that is constantly on the front foot. An undoubted classic, pusher units have remained at the forefront of the UK FEC market with a...

The Bulldog Games range licensed to entertain

Tony Glanville
Monopoly is just one of the licences that RLMS is pushing into the marketplace with major success. But Ben Bones and Hamster’s Ball also are making their mark as impressively. Pushers are playing a central role in developing whole family spend for operators, according to RLMS Sales, exclusive distributors of the Bulldog Games brand. “When we are discussing the family market...

Pushing the market forward

Sweet Success Coin pusher
Pushers have long been a crucial part of the FEC landscape and diligent work from manufacturers in recent times is only increasing their popularity, comments Tony Bowman, sales director at UK Gaming Solutions. Coinslot: How have pushers remained so important to the market? Tony Bowman: “I believe their popularity has increased over the last ten years,mainly due to manufacturers improving the...

How Bulldog Games is pushing forward in pursuit of family fun

Tony Glanville
RLMS’s Tony Glanville talks pushers with Coinslot; the role of a quality licence, quality game and quality service. It's this combination that the new brand on the block has turned into its defining philosophy. Coinslot: How can pushers benefit an operator as part of a varied machine estate? Tony Glanville: The first pusher came to the market more than half a...

The quintessential cross-generational entertainment

Pushers hold a special place in the hearts of many, with families passing down memories of 2p triumphs from generation to generation in family-run FECs such as Shaws Premier Amusements. Perhaps the fan-favourite machine-type in FECs across the country, pushers are performing very well this season for operator Tyler Shaw at Shaws Premier Amusements - or the ‘Pusher Palace’, as...

Bulldog focus groups help to identify the ‘fun factor’

2579 analysis bulldog games[2][3]
The largest focus group in the history of the pusher is how Chris Widdowson, key account manager at RLMS Sales, has described the development of the Bulldog Games range of equipment that has enjoyed a meteoritic rise following its launch at January’s EAG. The range, which comprises the 4,6 and 8 player Deal or No Deal models, Monopoly 2p Roll...

Well dressed pushers can drive income by up to 30pc state RLMS

RMLS pushers
The value of having a well dressed pusher has been put into sharp focus with research undertaken by RLMS showing a substantial cash box lift, in some cases of up to 30 percent. The company,which has exclusive UK distribution rights to the Bulldog Games brand of pushers and redemption equipment launched to huge acclaim at January’s EAG, believe the skill...

Bulldog leads the way with sales 86 percent up on forecasts

Bulldog games
Bulldog Games,the pusher and redemption brand that was unveiled to the industry at EAG, has enjoyed a stellar launch with sales 86 percent ahead of forecasts. The figures cover the first quarter of 2018 and relate to sales of Bulldog’s 4, 6 and 8 player Deal or No Deal…

The penny dropped: no plans to scrap 1p and 2p coins, government says

1p penny pennies
Downing Street has poured cold water over plans to ease out 1p and 2p coins, after a public and media outcry against the idea. On Tuesday a Treasury paper suggested a consultation on the future of cash and hinted at taking low-dominion coins out of circulation. Theresa May’s spokesman said: “There are no proposals to scrap 1p or 2p coins...

Penny pinching: Treasury threatens to scrap 1p and 2p coins

1p 2p pennies coins
In a move that could render penny pushers useless across the country, the Treasury could be paving the way for the end of the 1p and 2p coins as it calls into question their usefulness.   It is requesting views on the mix of coins in circulation as consumers move to non-cash payments such as contactless and digital spending. In a...

JNC Sales – Catering for all comers at EAG

Coinslot JNC Sales Scooby Doo
Across all sectors and budgets JNC Sales are providing the highest quality products, with new kiddie rides and pushers from leading manufacturers among the best and brightest at the stand. JNC are excited to reveal their latest new products, along with a selection of used machines that have been fully workshopped and continue to demonstrate JNC’s ability to cater for...

JNC prepare to release a new Scooby Doo pusher

Coinslot JNC Sales Scooby Doo Pusher
2017 may well be the year of Scooby Doo, certainly if JNC has anything to do with it, as the nationwide distributors prepare to release a new coin pusher based on the much-loved classic cartoon. JNC Sales are pleased to introduce the Scooby Doo pusher range for 2017, which has already proved popular through in-house test figures and positive customer...

Crown Leisure – Pushing new boundaries

As Crown Leisure prepare to supply two new pushers for the new year, managing director Dean Harding explains how the arcade classic has adapted to remain so popular. Crown Leisure are set supply a brand new pusher, Ice Cream Dreams from Harry Levy, at next year’s EAG show, following the release of the Sweet Falls round pusher at ACOS back...

TIK-KIT system for operators looking to enhance pusher profits

Coinslot RLMS Sales Birthday Blaster
A brand new collaboration with manufacturer Birthday Blaster is set to create a new world of opportunity for operators who buy from RLMS. RLMS Sales and manufacturer Birthday Blaster have been working together on an exciting concept that successfully combines two of the most popular arcade genres to add a thrilling new dimension to a variety of locations. TIK-KIT is...

Changing season, but same Harry Levy quality

Coinslot Harry Levy
A trio of new pushers and an innovative new change machine concept sees Harry Levy very well prepared heading into EAG and the year ahead. True to form, Harry Levy has a large range of new products, including those that are ready to hit the market right now and, as people start to look towards the 2017 season, new products...

Tony Glanville – The art of a good pusher

Coinslot RLMS Sales Tony Glanviille
Tony Glanville, managing director of RLMS Sales, explains that, despite pushers perennial popularity, there are still plenty of ways to boost takings with the latest generation of machines Coinslot: What is it about pushers that have kept them at the forefront of family arcade entertainment for so long?    Tony Glanville: Generation after generation have enjoyed playing pushers because it’s the...

A strong licence is vital to success says Newman

Coinslot JNC Pushers Gary Newman
It’s brands or bust for JNC’s sales consultant Gary Newman, as recent experience and operator feedback indicates that its the machines featuring recognisable characters that will be the big earners. While plenty of suppliers are happy to say that licensed pushers are big hitters when it comes to their pusher line-up, JNC are more insistent than most that drawing on...

Crown Direct – Walking the gamut

Coinslot Crown Direct Pusher
Crown Direct has the latest in pushers from all walks, with both recognisable characters and classic seaside memories captured in the machines on offer from the national supplier. For anyone looking to source the latest and greatest in the world of pushers, Crown Direct has a direct line to some of the best machines on the market. These include some...