Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Crown debuts Thaumic gaming terminal and Lets Go Bingo pusher at ACOS

Dean Harding Crown Leisure Lets Go Bingo pusher ACOS 2021
Proving to be Crown’s jewels at this year’s ACOS, Thaumic from Novomatic and Lets Go Bingo pusher garnered plenty of interest at their first ever outing, with Dean Harding, managing director at Crown Leisure, commenting on strong sales and the all-round good mood in the air at the ILEC Conference Centre.

Harry Levy makes strong case for buying British at ACOS

Harry Levy ACOS 2021
Speaking to Coinslot, Harry Levy sales’ Geoff Spencer praised a “better than expected” appearance at ACOS this year, sharing his thoughts on the next few months for the industry and his sage advice for those concerned about supply-chain difficulties.

Singing praises: Harry Levy’s Angry Birds dubbed “the best income hammer game” by operators

Geoff Spencer Harry Levy Amusements Angry Birds Whacker
Described as “the best money taker this season” and “the best income hammer game onsite”, Angry Birds Whacker Game has been praised by FEC operators for its winning theme and eye-catching features. Harry Levy’s Geoff Spencer explains why.

JNC’s Martian Madness deal lets “the pusher do the talking”

JNC Martian Madness
Bristol-based supplier JNC has extended its offer on Martian Madness that allows operators to delay any payment on the five player pusher until the end of the season.

JNC launches 45 percent discount on last few Martian Madness pushers

JNC Sales Martian Madness offer
The Martians have landed in time for Whitsun with JNC offering a 45 percent discount on its latest despatch of pushers.

UDC’s Pearl Fishery pusher gets five stars from Funstation

UDC Pearl Fishery Funstation
UDC visited Funstation in Castleford, Yorkshire recently to follow up on the installation of its coinless pusher, Pearl Fishery.

Clacton Pier launches new NHS pusher

Clacton Pier NHS pusher
Clacton Pier has unveiled a new charity initiative in its amusement arcade, with all profit from one of its popular pushers going to support the NHS.

Bulldog Games tick every box with Pac-Man pusher

Pac-Man Bulldog Pusher
Pairing multi-generational licences with market-leading build quality, Bulldog Games has created its feature-rich pusher with longevity in mind..

New takes on classic concepts

Harry Levy EAG Plinko Butterfly Skee Ball
Harry Levy is showcasing the innovative takes on three amusements staples this year with the Skee-Ball Glow from Baytek, Plinko from Coastal Amusements..

Crown lines up showpiece EAG debuts

Haunted House Crown Leisure Dean Harding EAG
Crown Leisure will be debuting a range of exciting new products at EAG, from the latest iterations of classic pushers to cutting-edge virtual reality units.

RLMS points to ‘unrivalled customer-favourites’ as the product focus at Olympia

RLMS customer favourites
This year’s ACOS will see RLMS Sales welcoming visitors to the Astra stand doing what they do best: guiding buyers to the top products available. And this..

Prismatic and Pac-Man demonstrate that where there’s FUN there’s money!

Prismatic Cash Box Fun
Ahead of appearing at this week’s Park Avenue Open Day, RLMS managing director Tony Glanville highlights how cash box is built around the successful delivery of fun.

Harry Levy: Unbeatable appeal

Harry Levy Caterpillar Pusher
Harry Levy pushers are synonymous with the UK leisure landscape and the company’s Caterpillar three and six player installations are the latest and greatest to enter this storied staple.

JNC Sales: Extra Easter excitement

JNC Space Reels and Pumkin Party
JNC’s workshop has been busy in recent months preparing used machines for a season of action, but it is the introduction of the company’s newest...

Coleman: Pusher development has been time well spent

JNC, Pusher, development, Sam Coleman, interview, amusements
Unmistakable gameplay and additions such as ticket payout keep pushers central to operational planning comments Sam Coleman, sales executive at JNC. Add to that the broadest possible family appeal and it’s clear to see why the sector has remained so integral. Coinslot: Pushers have always been a mainstay of the amusements industry, but their rise in recent years has been phenomenal....

Bulldog’s Pac-Man pusher makes the headlines with BANDAI NAMCO order

Bulldog, Pac-Man, pusher, BANDAI NAMCO,
Bulldog Games, the pusher and redemption brand that was launched to critical acclaim at last year’s show, made a huge statement of intent securing what managing director Peter Collinge described as a ‘significant order’ from BANDAI NAMCO for the company’s Pac-Man Pusher which is making its industry debut at EAG. John McKenzie, managing director, Bandai Namco Holdings (UK),completed the deal...

The heroes that arcades need

Heroes and Villains
Featuring one of the hottest licences around, Bandai Namco’s Heroes and Villains pusher units are fast becoming a prominent feature of the UK FEC landscape. The DC Comics closed-loop, coin in and ticket out pusher from Bandai Namco Amusement Europe is now available in a two-player as well as a four-player version. The pusher features DC Comics heroes and villains and...

DC Comics Pusher “so good he bought it twice!”

The DC Comics four-player, closed-loop, coin in and ticket out pusher from Bandai Namco is outperforming many traditional coin in and coin out pushers in many locations, say UK operators. David Cain from Cain’s Amusements in Herne Bay, Kent has been so impressed with the machine that he has bought two. “This game has been fantastic on site,” he said....