Saturday, January 16, 2021

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BBPA warns of “Mayday” crisis if pub closures extend to spring

Pubs shutdown BBPA crisis
The British Beer and Pub Association has warned of pubs being “lost for good” if Westminster imposed a shutdown until May without additional funding.

Not “hospitality” enough: Dagenham pub supplier denied business support

Dagenham Pub supplier LSO Ltd denied support hospitality
Applications for financial aid on the part of pub and club supplier LSO Ltd have been turned down by the local council - on account of the business not being “hospitality” enough.

“No hard evidence” on pub curfews, admits Vallance

Patrick Vallance Pub hospitality
It’s universally accepted that the hospitality sector has been hit the hardest in the Covid fall-out, not least the publicans who are on the floor. In a week where over 1,000 more pubs will close in and around the capital, beers sales likely to be 90 percent down on last December and income from machines and jukes at an unprecedented low, Coinslot takes a trip around the pub trade to see if it was all worth it.

Just 27 percent of Britain’s pubs will reopen under new tier restrictions

Phil Whitehead pubs re-opening only 27 percent
The British Beer & Pub Association has revealed that just 27 percent of pubs in Britain will try and open their doors under the new tier restrictions.

Pubs still split on Brexit

Brexit Pubs market data
According to new market data from Lumina Intelligence, massive disruption throughout 2020 has seen the pub industry become increasingly polarised over the subject of Brexit.

Tiered restrictions make 50,000 English licensed venues either shut or unviable

Covid restrictions make licensed venues unviable
Research published this week by CGA shows the devastating impact of the government’s strategy to control Covid infections. Very little, it seems, separates the ability to trade under the government’s new tier regime and not being allowed to trade at all during lockdown.

The moment Wales went mad: Pubs no longer permitted to sell booze

Mark Drakeford Wales lockdown Pubs
Pubs and restaurants are prohibited from selling alcohol under new Covid-19 legislation in Wales, as the country also forces its leisure venues to shutter altogether.

Hospitality finds it voice against post-lockdown policies

Pub Hospitality Covid policies
Enough seems finally to have been enough - with a number of hospitality leaders now speaking out against the prospect of yet more punitive Covid policies from government…despite data showing them not to be the problem.

Debbie Bollard: Many pubs “will not survive” this winter of discontent

Debbie Hough Bollard
Responding to the government’s newly unveiled plans for winter 2020, licensing expert Debbie Bollard said that “devastation” of the pub sector would have inevitable knock-on effects for amusement stakeholders.

Consumers offer a glimmer of hope to business community expressing confidence about returning after lockdown, claims survey

UKHospitality CGA consumers survey
The majority of consumers feel confident enough to return to pubs, bars and restaurants after England’s lockdown, according to the findings of the latest survey by CGA.

Rents, Rates and Re-opening: The three Rs that government needs to learn if the high street is to recover

high street retailers fear lockdown
With footfall for the first week of November plummeting by 75 percent year on year, businesses that rely on a healthy high street including pubs, AGCs and bingo halls are praying for a timely end to lockdown. Last week 61 CEOs warned of the scale of the problem in a letter to The Times.

Expanded regional tier system set to replace national restrictions

Chris Whitty regional tier 2
The regulatory landscape is poised to change with a new approach to targeted responses based on the R rate. From national to local, lockdown’s grip will still continue to hold tight around the hands of the business communities in Covid-concerned communities

Warrington MP issued with lifetime pub ban as licensees turn bitter

Warrington MP lifetime pub ban licensees bitter
Tory MP Andy Carter voted in favour of the 10pm curfew which means he’s no longer welcome in Warrington’s hostelries. The pub sector has issued a notice: Get Carter.

Pub closing time? Shepherd Neame warns that city centre pubs will close for good

Shepherd Neame City Centre pubs closing warning
In a sign of the shift in commercial influence from city centre to the suburbs, Shepherd Neame, Britain’s oldest brewer, has issued a stark warning as to the viability of many of its pubs in central London at the same time as confirming a brighter future for locals in residential areas.

Barff: Curfew has cost pub gaming a third of its revenue

Pub gaming revenue Simon Barff CLMS data
The MD of data specialists CLMS has denounced the “irrational and irresponsible” actions of government in its clampdown on hospitality - which has cost coin-op stakeholders and the wider pub trade as much as 40 per cent of regular income. Simon Barff talks exclusively to Coinslot about the trends and the future.

Curfew cuts machine play in pubs by 40 per cent

CLMS data pub machine
According to new data from analytics specialist CLMS, the introduction of curfew has seen pub machine takings plummet by well over a third - with Bacta concurring that the scenario facing Cat C operators is “absolutely dire”.

Lockdowns, curfews and closures are on course to reduce pub machine income by £100m and force operators to rethink

pub machine income
Coinslot reports on an industry scenario document shown to the newspaper forecasting a £100m hit for pub machine income

UK’s night-time sector faces “tidal wave of redundancies” as music becomes latest Covid casualty

Night time hospitality pub music
No drinking, no talking, and now no music. The government has turned pub music down to 85db in England, whilst Scotland has banned it completely in pubs. The latest measures to counter Covid have met with scathing criticism, with the music sector the next in line for crisis talks.

Winter is coming: Over 100 hospitality businesses write to PM urging intervention

Winter hospitality jobs lobbying government
With concerns that many in the industry will not survive the “bleakest of winters” that awaits, a group of businesses led by trade bodies British Beer & Pub Association, UKHospitality and the British Institute of Innkeeping have warned that thousands of jobs will be lost if more is not done.

Here we go again: Johnson declares 10pm curfew for hospitality trade

Boris Johnson 10pm curfew coronavirus restrictions hospitality pubs
A wave of new coronavirus restrictions announced by the prime minister, including a 10pm curfew on all hospitality businesses, are to go into effect from Thursday evening onwards

Tough times ahead for pub workers, says labour expert

Closed due to Covid job retention scheme
According to one economic pundit, the end of the government’s job retention scheme could lead to an epic level of unemployment amongst young bar staff. The day of reckoning is preparing to go eyeball to eyeball with Rishi Sunak.

Music was my first love, but will it be my last? SBPA urges music ban reversal

Beer Jukebox SBPA
The Scottish Beer and Pub Association has called for the government to overturn its music ban in the country’s hospitality venues, attributing a 20 percent decline in trade to the policy.

OKTO ready to answer industry’s cashless question, once and for all

OKTO cashless payments solution
International fintech provider OKTO is ready to give Britain’s retail gaming sectors a much needed post-lockdown boost by offering the definitive solution to the longstanding challenge of cashless payments.

Britain’s operators in military style challenge to liberate pubs in time for Independence

Pub Operators re-opening business Pubs
Coinslot spoke to four of the industry’s leading players - Chris Haley, Greg Wood, Matt Bicknell and Nick Rudd - to find out how they were working behind the scenes as part of the unglamorous supply chain helping pubs to get their game face on ahead of the big day.

Arcades and FECs to open on July 4th

Boris Johnson Lockdown easing BBC News AGCs FECs re-open arcades
Arcades, FECs, bingo halls and pubs were given the green light to re-open on July 4, with the added comfort of a reduction in social distancing to 1 metre.

“Government should get out the way,” says Draft House founder

Charlie McVeigh Draft House Pubs
Founder of the Draft House pub company Charlie McVeigh has said that the government should “get out of the way” and let publicans and restauranteurs decide on their own distancing and safety parameters throughout the period of re-opening

Pubs still go begging for re-opening date

Pubs reopen date still unclear
The British pub industry is still non-the-wiser as to exactly when pubs will be given the green light by government to re-open, or what form of social distancing policy publicans will be expected to enforce.

Business-owners take on stingy Covid-19 insurers

QIC Action Group call for support
They were insured for business interruption in the case of disease, but received not a penny from their insurance company. Now the QIC Action Group is calling on fellow leisure and hospitality businesses to step up and claim what’s rightfully theirs.

Two-metre distancing still stands for most pubs

Empty pub 2 metre social distancing
Whilst thousands of protestors amass in the streets with barely a peep from government, the UK’s publicans are still staring down the barrel of a two-metre distancing guideline which will prevent almost a quarter of them from opening until late summer.

No early opening for pubs, and no exceptions

Pubs sector no early opening
Downing Street has shot down hopes that a group of MPs might twist the arm of the prime minister and “Save Summer” by allowing boozers to open early. Odd really considering the leaks linked to the very same building just a few days earlier indicated that the PM was determined to get pubs open sooner.