Friday, September 25, 2020

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Here we go again: Johnson declares 10pm curfew for hospitality trade

Boris Johnson 10pm curfew coronavirus restrictions hospitality pubs
A wave of new coronavirus restrictions announced by the prime minister, including a 10pm curfew on all hospitality businesses, are to go into effect from Thursday evening onwards

Tough times ahead for pub workers, says labour expert

Closed due to Covid job retention scheme
According to one economic pundit, the end of the government’s job retention scheme could lead to an epic level of unemployment amongst young bar staff. The day of reckoning is preparing to go eyeball to eyeball with Rishi Sunak.

Music was my first love, but will it be my last? SBPA urges music ban reversal

Beer Jukebox SBPA
The Scottish Beer and Pub Association has called for the government to overturn its music ban in the country’s hospitality venues, attributing a 20 percent decline in trade to the policy.

OKTO ready to answer industry’s cashless question, once and for all

OKTO cashless payments solution
International fintech provider OKTO is ready to give Britain’s retail gaming sectors a much needed post-lockdown boost by offering the definitive solution to the longstanding challenge of cashless payments.

Britain’s operators in military style challenge to liberate pubs in time for Independence

Pub Operators re-opening business Pubs
Coinslot spoke to four of the industry’s leading players - Chris Haley, Greg Wood, Matt Bicknell and Nick Rudd - to find out how they were working behind the scenes as part of the unglamorous supply chain helping pubs to get their game face on ahead of the big day.

Arcades and FECs to open on July 4th

Boris Johnson Lockdown easing BBC News AGCs FECs re-open arcades
Arcades, FECs, bingo halls and pubs were given the green light to re-open on July 4, with the added comfort of a reduction in social distancing to 1 metre.

“Government should get out the way,” says Draft House founder

Charlie McVeigh Draft House Pubs
Founder of the Draft House pub company Charlie McVeigh has said that the government should “get out of the way” and let publicans and restauranteurs decide on their own distancing and safety parameters throughout the period of re-opening

Pubs still go begging for re-opening date

Pubs reopen date still unclear
The British pub industry is still non-the-wiser as to exactly when pubs will be given the green light by government to re-open, or what form of social distancing policy publicans will be expected to enforce.

Business-owners take on stingy Covid-19 insurers

QIC Action Group call for support
They were insured for business interruption in the case of disease, but received not a penny from their insurance company. Now the QIC Action Group is calling on fellow leisure and hospitality businesses to step up and claim what’s rightfully theirs.

Two-metre distancing still stands for most pubs

Empty pub 2 metre social distancing
Whilst thousands of protestors amass in the streets with barely a peep from government, the UK’s publicans are still staring down the barrel of a two-metre distancing guideline which will prevent almost a quarter of them from opening until late summer.

No early opening for pubs, and no exceptions

Pubs sector no early opening
Downing Street has shot down hopes that a group of MPs might twist the arm of the prime minister and “Save Summer” by allowing boozers to open early. Odd really considering the leaks linked to the very same building just a few days earlier indicated that the PM was determined to get pubs open sooner.

Calls grow for flexibility on distancing

Social distancing Lord Lamont hospitality economy
Former chancellor Lord Lamont has said it will be “impossible” for the UK’s hospitality economy to recover from lockdown unless the government cedes ground on its strict two-metre social distancing policy. Some in the government say otherwise.

Demand for Game Payment app leaps by 800 percent as pub sector focus on cashless machine solution

Quentin Stott Game Payment app increase
The industry’s cashless innovation, the Game Payment app, is making its mark even before gaming and hospitality operations get the green light to re-open. Almost 300 orders have been lodged for the app, an eight-fold increase in the space of just one week.

Pubs biggest challenge is frightened punters, says Draft House founder

Pub lockdown restrictions Draft House
A senior voice within the UK’s hospitality industry has spoken out against the severity of lockdown restrictions, arguing that such was the degree of alarmist rhetoric from both media and government pertaining to Covid- 19, that the British public was now experience “FOGO,” or “fear of going out.”

What’s a metre between friends? Johnson calls on scientists to review social distancing rules

social distancing pubs
Former Conservative party leader Sir Iain-Duncan Smith has called for the government to relax proposed two-metre social-distancing guidelines for the hospitality sector, saying “flexibility” will be required in order to best kick-start the economy. And every centimetre matters; just 100 could save 20,000 pubs and the Prime Minister knows it.

Wetherspoon’s on re-opening front foot courtesy of £11m investment

Social Distancing re-opening pubs Wetherspoon
It’s fair to say the government is not moving with haste on the issue of re-opening pubs. The heart of the British high street is standing at the back of the queue at the moment, but that isn't stopping pub giant Wetherspoon from splashing the cash for when the doors finally open.

Social distancing rules causing grief for pubs ahead of lockdown easing

Social distancing pubs
Looking ahead to a prospective partial reopening in July, publicans are skeptical as to the feasibility of enforcing the government’s current two-metre social distancing guideline. So, what’s a few centimetres between friends? Quite a lot it seems.

More must be done, says BBPA

BBPA pub closed more must be done
New figures from the British Beer and Pub Association suggest that as many as 40 per cent of pubs are at risk of being put out of business by September, unless government intervenes on their behalf.

Is summer cancelled? Machines sector could be closed until Autumn

Machines Sector closed
As ‘Stay Home’ changes to ‘Stay Alert’, the amusement machines sector is expected to stay closed until Autumn despite a 4 July starting date for pubs and restaurants that can be “Covid-19 secure”. Summer is in danger of being cancelled, leaving the industry in need of extended and extensive support.

Some pubs to re-open (maybe) by early July, says Boris

Pubs lockdown re-opening
In what has been touted as some long-awaited good news for the shuttered pub sectors, the latest government guidelines could permit for certain pubs to re-open as early as July 4 - given they meet all requisite social distancing pre-requisites.

European bars could pave the way for UK pub reopening

Pubs reopening
The Morning Advertiser has predicted that measures taken by European bars and restaurants in lifting lockdown could provide a template for how the UK pub industry reopens its doors

BBPA set out three week notice requirement to lift pubs out of lockdown

Pub reopening warning beer
If anyone thinks the country can charge up and get the economy running as soon as lockdown is ended, think again. The pub industry has issued a sober warning that supply chains can’t be turned on and off like a beer tap.

Bacta pours cold water on ‘pubs closed to Christmas’ story

John White Bacta pubs
Bacta chief executive John White has described national media stories claiming that pubs will remain closed until Christmas as nothing more than ‘unhelpful speculation.’

Mitchells & Butlers furlough 99 percent of 46,000 staff

Mitchells & Butlers Furlough Staff
Mitchells and Butlers has furloughed 99 percent of its 46,000 staff, according to a statement released on 14 April, as well as cutting basic pay for all employees, according board members, by 60 to 80 percent.

Calling time: Hurry up on grants, says pub trade

Covid-19 closed pub sign lobbying grants
Some of the leading voices in the UK’s pub industry are lobbying government to step-up both the speed and scale of grants made available to shuttered pubs..

High streets and pubs face-off against landlords

Coinslot landlords Beer Duty Pub Sector
The gloves are off. Some landlords are getting nasty at failed rent payments and heading to court and winding up orders to get their Covid-19 hit tenants out.

Double whammy could force closure of independents

pubcos Pub sector possible acquisitions
The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) has described the Chancellor’s decision to collect March’s Beer Duty payments as a ‘huge blow for the UK’s small independent brewers’ and incredibly disappointing.

Digital and analogue appeal is key to countering Cat C stagnation

Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming Cat C
The needs of Cat C players are growing more diverse with each coming year, something which Reflex Gaming’s wide range of digital and analogue products..

Bacta: War-time level of support required

Bacta War-time level of support required COVID-19
John White has said he and the rest of the Bacta staff are burning the candle at both ends in trying to secure unprecedented relief measures for a time of unprecedented health crisis

Prismatic: Polished, perfected, and still performing

Prismatic Cat C cabinets
Following the release of new content, cabinets, and infills at EAG in January, Astra Games has shown its commitment to polishing all sides of its already market-leading Prismatic range.