Thursday, January 27, 2022

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GamCom floats “incentives” prospect in exchange for Cat B protections

Gambling Commission, incentives, Cat B, protection
In its latest update to its call for evidence on Category B machine player protection, the Gambling Commission said industry engagement on the issue had hitherto been wanting. Is the language of the two parties falling back to their former days of stand-off? The Gambling Commission has fleshed out details pertaining to its call for industry evidence as to the...

Protections for England’s coastal communities ‘not fit for purpose’

Climate change
Government climate advisors have warned that a new strategy is urgently needed to tackle the expected impacts of climate change on England’s seaside towns. In a new report, the Committee on Climate Change found that coastal communities, infrastructure and landscapes in England are already under significant pressure from flooding and erosion, with these threats set to increase in the future. This...

Select Gaming invests in Cloud technology

ICR - Select Gaming Cloud Platform
The UK’s largest independent supplier of gaming and amusement equipment, Select Gaming, has embraced Cloud technology as part of a major investment. Select Gaming has confirmed its sights are firmly set on the future with the announcement a major strategic investment in an integrated cloud-based computing solution for the entire business. The family owned and managed company, which has more than...