Monday, February 26, 2024

Tag: Project Crazy Chicken

Crazy Chicken spreads its wings to make Euro migration

Coinslot Finance Package Project Crazy Chicken ticket
Following the success of its Crazy Chicken, fun ticket fruit, which was launched to the UK market in January, Project has confirmed the creation of a version for European export markets.   The high impact three player game, offers a full range of percentage settings from 20 percent through to 70 percent, and can be customised for local markets. Project managing director,...

Offering redemption games to suit all locations

Coinslot - RLMS Sales Redemption Games
With redemption very much here to stay, RLMS Sales now provides its customers a wide range of machines for this burgeoning sector.   With redemption still enjoying soaring popularity in the FEC sector, RLMS Sales has been busy building a portfolio of games that will capture the imagination of players and put a smile on operators’ faces. Among the key products...