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Gambling Commission: “…if anyone is thinking this will mean our priorities will change, they are mistaken. In fact, the Gambling Commission is coming out of this year more focussed...

Sarah Gardner Gambling Commission Bacta Convention 21
The Gambling Commission’s Sarah Gardner stepped in for interim CEO Andrew Rhodes at this year’s Bacta Convention to deliver a detailed and wide ranging communique to the industry - we’re “on the right track” she noted, but more needs to be done.

Same old record: CG chief Rhodes criticises level of compliance at close of SGW

Andrew Rhodes Gambling Commission Safer Gambling Week
The interim CEO of the Gambling Commission has urged wider compliance from UK operators, with a statement published during Safer Gambling Week observing “there are still far too many operators not abiding by our rules.” It may be a new chief executive, but it’s the same bullying messaging from the regulator.. So much for problem gambling rates reaching its lowest ever level.

Off The Record – Gambling Commission / Problem Gambling / EAG / Covid / Fishing / COP26

Off the Record Bully Gambling Commission problem gambling EAG infection rate
Coinslot’s outspoken Arcadian takes a look at the decline in Anglo/French relations, asks isn’t it time the Gambling Commission takes a long hard look at itself and laments the ‘do what I say’ not ‘do what I do’ attitude of the world leaders and mega names flying into Glasgow on their private jets.

If you don’t get the findings you want, just change the methodology until you do: Commission research pilot to include “information on broader gambling harms”

Gambling Commission research problem gambling related harms
Not satisfied with its own official statistics that currently put the problem gambling rate in Britain at 0.3 percent, the Gambling Commission is testing a new methodology that it says will include “information on broader gambling harms”.

Gambling Commission’s quarterly gambling stats: Denounce or discuss?

Gambling Commission telephone survey problem gambling statistics
Statistics, statistics, damn lies blah blah blah. Yes, the saying is worn out by its very own truth, and none more so than with the quarterly telephone survey stats on gambling prevalence conducted by the Gambling Commission. We’ve already ascertained that problem gambling rates, according to the latest GC survey, are at their lowest ever level. But there’s more to the stats than at-risk gamblers, some actually show at-risk gambling operations as numbers on play fall. Except online, obviously; but be careful what you read - the figures are not as dramatic as they seem. Coinslot takes a trip through the latest GC stats.

Gambling Commission: “The overall problem gambling rate has decreased significantly”

Gambling Commission statistics problem gambling
The Gambling Commission’s latest survey of problem gambling for the quarter ending September 2021 has revealed that the rate has halved in the past year from 0.6 per cent to 0.3 percent. It’s now at its lowest ever level.

Bacta opens portal to improved management and customer tools

Bacta portal goes live
Bacta’s innovative Portal, which allows gambling venues to maintain paperless records of all their customer interactions and self-exclusions, has gone live today. A year in the making, the technological offering will enable members to hone in on efficiencies and develop their social responsibility activities.

Ssshhh, don’t tell anyone: Problem gambling rates fall despite pandemic concerns

problem gambling survey
After 18 months of voicing unfounded concerns regarding the pandemic’s effect on problem gambling, the Gambling Commission has released new data showing the problem gambling rate has actually fallen in the last year, with online participation increasing only due to the National Lottery. Who’d have thought it? Clearly no-one as the figures continue to be tucked away by the regulator.

Rank Group deploys Hawkeye AI monitor

safer gambling Rank Group deploys Hawkeye AI monitor
The Rank Group has unveiled a new AI “Hawkeye” system to identify problem gambling behaviours in high velocity players across its online estate.

Northern Ireland casino on cards as Executive overhauls legislation

Northern Ireland communities minister overhauling gambling laws
Northern Ireland’s communities minister has announced a twopronged strategy for updating gambling legislation, after a public consultation revealed huge support for regulation relaxation.

Make that call: Problem gambling prevalence halves from 0.6 percent to 0.3 – the lowest for over five years

Gambling Prevalence Survey industry response problem gambling
The Commission’s latest problem gambling figures for 2020 are finally out there for public consumption and they are encouraging.

Comment – Ending lockdown too slowly is real risk – The Good the Bad and the Problem

Comment lockdown economic recovery problem gambling levels Gambling Commission survey
The roadmap has caused further indignation, anger and disappointment for the industry, but not all of the science thinks the route marked caution

Problem gambling levels at 5 year low, finds latest Commission survey

Gambling Commission problem gambling telephone survey statistics Dec 2020
The Gambling Commission’s latest quarterly telephone survey has found that problem gambling numbers have halved compared to December 2019. Now that’s something you don’t all at the moment?

The underlying issues of problem gambling “can’t just be left to industry alone” to solve, says BGC chair

NHS problem gambling shouldn't be left to industry alone
Speaking at an industry webinar, Brigid Simmonds, chair of the Betting and Gaming Council, said it was clear that NHS centres had the proper scope to tackle the social and mental health issues that lead people to problem gambling - but added that treating such fundamental issues should not be left solely to the industry.

Bad timing: Commission calls for “feedback” on affordability checks

GC Consulation Affordability checks
A much cited hike in problem gambling has still yet to emerge during the pandemic - but that hasn’t stopped the regulator from pressing ahead with plans to invade player privacy online. Affordability checks remain high on the Gambling Commission agenda, right to privacy, on the other hand......

Under-fire Commission admits problem gambling is low and stable

Neil McArthur Gambling Commission problem gambling
A rather sheepish Neil McArthur, CEO of the Gambling Commission, and a somewhat more assertive Sarah Healey, Permanent Secretary of the DCMS, took questions from MPs this week in a hearing about the recent National Audit Office report. Their answer: Problem gambling rates are low, stable, and hard to research further due to a lack of detrimental impact on health and society.

Industry digs deep to meet £10m GambleAware funding target

Gamble-Aware’s funding target of £10m has been reached, although that will do little to drown out the miseries of a vociferous anti-gambling lobby. But, it’s a significant change in pace for the betting and gambling sectors who have started to rise to the challenge of social responsibility.

UK bookmakers increase funding for problem gambling treatment

Bookmakers FOBT
Whether it’s too late in coming, it has at least finally come. The leading bookmakers have made good on their promise to raise their contribution to funding

Bookmakers up problem gambling treatment funding

problem gambling
The UK’s biggest bookmakers have agreed to increase funding for problem gambling treatment to £100m over the next four years.   Owners have confirmed that they will increase their voluntary levy on gambling profits from 0.1 percent to 1 percent. The companies include Ladbrokes Coral, Paddy Power Betfair, Skybet, William Hill and Bet 365. “This is an unprecedented level of commitment and collaboration...

Irish minister describes regulatory remit as enactment date delayed

Irish Regulator David Stanton Minister of State
Irish minister of state David Stanton has announced the long-heralded national gambling regulator is set to be officially established at the end of 2020, with..

Gambling Commission launches new National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms

Gambling Commission new strategy
The Gambling Commission has today (25 April) launched the new National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms, a three-year strategy which will drive and coordinate work to bring a lasting impact on reducing gambling harms. For the first time health bodies, charities, regulators and businesses will come together in partnership to effectively tackle the issue – with the Commission calling for...

Wright confirms government considering gambling credit-card ban

Credit Card online payment
The culture secretary has said the government will follow the lead of the Gambling Commission, which is conducting a call-for-evidence on the issue of credit card use in gambling.

Parliamentary group expands problem gambling inquiry

Parliamentary, group, expand, problem gambling, inquiry
The recently-formed Gambling Related Harm APPG has announced a series of evidence sessions to further its inquiry into the harms associated with online gambling. The committee, previously the APPG investigating FOBTs, has retained MP Carolyn Harris as chair and will continue to assess the impact of online sites on problem gamblers. “Vice-chairs Iain Duncan Smith MP and Ronnie Cowan MP have...

Problem gambling down, according to official GC figures

Problem gambling, Gambling commission, official, figures
Amid the cacophony of noise from the-oft frenzied problem gambling clamour, last week there was one tiny little sound wave on a frequency pitched at an uncomfortable level for most authorities and interest groups to lend an ear to. Listen carefully, tune in and you could hear the sound of problem gambling statistics falling 17 percent in 2018 - dropping...

UK government expands NHS problem gambling treatment

The UK government has announced a significant increase in problem gambling treatment funding as part of its ten year strategy for the NHS. The NHS Long Term Plan, announced on 7 January, outlined the provision of £2.3bn annually for mental health treatment by 2023, including dedicated problem gambling services. “There will be a new guarantee that investment in primary, community and...

Bradford licensing policy to underline problem play

Bradford Council
The latest licensing policy under review by Bradford Council will refer to recent studies highlighting certain public health risks with regards to problem gambling. Bradford Council’s update to its latest draft policy in handling the licensing applications of gambling premises sees the addition of findings from a 2016 study - which detailed an increased rate of problem gambling amongst younger...

Gambleaware to fund NHS treatment facility in Leeds

Marc-Etches, gambleaware, nhs
GambleAware has announced that it will commission a new NHS facility in Leeds to treat those recognised to have problems with gambling. The new clinic will be operated between Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and the GamCare Network and will be the second such venue funded by GambleAware. Marc Etches, chief executive of GambleAware commented: “The London clinic for...

Devolution necessary to fight problem gambling

social responsibility, devolution
Greater regulatory powers must be devolved to the Scottish Parliament if it is to tackle problem gambling practices more effectively, thats the claim made by Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, during the recent Responsible Gambling Week. Newlands was attending a Parliamentary drop-in event in support of RGW when he raised the issue of regulation devolution. He discussed...

Do the banks hold the key to tackling problem gambling?

Two so-called ‘challenger banks’ are living up to their reputation. Monzo and Starling banks have introduced a block to help problem gamblers control their gambling habits. And it’s working. Now, the Gambling Commission and doctors are calling for the big five banks to follow suit. The industry, which has long called for bank intervention, is expected to drive the...

Why problem gambling just doesn’t add up

Coinslot Dan Waugh Bacta Convention
In a blog post excerpt, Regulus Partners’ Dan Waugh considers the pitfalls of misaligning activity with evaluation; and asks whether manipulation of problem gambling statistics by is acceptable - even in the pursuit of noble objectives.   What is the point of ‘Safer Gambling’? No seriously, what precisely is the point? Amidst all the hand-wringing, virtue-signalling and self-flagellation, what exactly are...