Friday, September 25, 2020

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Prismatic: Polished, perfected, and still performing

Prismatic Cat C cabinets
Following the release of new content, cabinets, and infills at EAG in January, Astra Games has shown its commitment to polishing all sides of its already market-leading Prismatic range.

Monopoly Gold launch follows “phenomenal year” for Inspired

Inspired Entertainment Monopoly Gold EAG 2020
It’s the first showing of Inspired Entertainment’s UK operation and, as expected, they certainly made an impression at EAG last week. Sales and marketing director Ian Shreeve revealed the latest releases to drive the group’s offering.

Inspired to present Community Kings in the nation’s capital

Inspired EAG Community Kings - Charmed Community EAG
This is an exciting year for Inspired; a new opportunity for the global gaming and entertainment group to unleash its inspiration and make its mark on the UK landscape.

Prismatic: Pioneering the future digital content model

Prismatic Lo Boy
With new titles such as Center Point from Harlequin Games, Reel King Multiplier from Astra Games, and Win Zone from Bell Fruit Games, the Prismatic and the Prismatic Lo Boy..

Astra highlights Prismatic Lo Boy following top marks on test

Prismatic Lo Boy
Astra Games placed the Prismatic Lo Boy in the limelight at ACOS alongside fellow cast members of the company’s top performing digital range

Latest Prismatic figures prove its worth with UK manufacturing delivering £7m extra revenue to sector

There was little doubt in industry minds that Novomatic’s Prismatic innovation was a machine of note. But just how many notes came into sharp focus this..

Prismatic and Pac-Man demonstrate that where there’s FUN there’s money!

Prismatic Cash Box Fun
Ahead of appearing at this week’s Park Avenue Open Day, RLMS managing director Tony Glanville highlights how cash box is built around the successful delivery of fun.

Investing in the ‘best of the best’ is helping operators to grow their customer base

Tony Glanville RLMS
RLMS managing director Tony Glanville believes that consumers brought up in the digital age are increasingly looking to technology driven entertainment..

Cat C remains the bedrock of business for the Gamestec Playnation Group

Peter Davies Managing Director Gamestec Playnation Cat C, AGC Estate
Peter Davies, managing director of the Gamestec Playnation Group, outlines the importance of Cat C to the company’s AGC estate, explaining how..

The Prismatic phenomenon!

Ian Shreeve Prismatic
Ian Shreeve, sales and marketing director responsible for Astra Games and Bell-Fruit Games, explains how proven content from the best games developers..

Prismatic is building the cash box and expanding the player base

Prismatic £100 top cabinet
The Prismatic digital gaming terminal, which was unveiled by Novomatic UK at January’s EAG, is earning a reputation for being the industry's stand-out..

Investing in variety and environment

Mark Jepp Majestic Bingo EAG Alphamax
With investment secured for upcoming improvements across Majestic Bingo’s 16- strong club estate, managing director Mark Jepp explained his plans to...

Prismatic ‘Low Boy’ has high cashbox credentials

Prismatic Low Boy
Visitors attending next week’s Northern Showcase will be amongst the first members of the UK industry to see the latest version of the Prismatic Low Boy..

Unbeatable content is powering the Prismatic success story

Prismatic Kevin Bottril RLMS Sales
RLMS Sales Kevin Bottrill explains why Content Is King in the drive to deliver enhanced cashbox for Britain’s AGC and bingo club operators...

Why spending a lot of time in the pub is just part of the job

Bell-Fruit Group, Alastair Harris, creative director, Prismatic
Alastair Harris, creative director, Bell-Fruit Group, explains Prismatic’s journey from great concept to outstanding performer and where the balance lies between science and intuition in game design. How do you approach the task of designing for a pub demographic? The pub represents a complex retail environment populated by a cross-section of society.It’s a moving feast with pubs attracting a different audience...

RLMS secure Prismatic production run as demand increases

RLMS Sales Prismatic
A cashbox that on average is up by 40 percent across Pub Retail is, according to RLMS Sales Managing Director, Tony Glanville, the stand out reason why Novomatic UK’s Prismatic digital gaming terminal is the most talked about and the most in demand product on the market...

Novomatic UK ‘deliver the experience’ at ICE as Prismatic orders continue to soar

Novomatic UK, ICE, Prismatic, Innov8, Harlequin
Novomatic UK used ICE to unveil the sit down version of the Prismatic digital gaming terminal,a launch which has had an immediate and significant impact on the order book. “Our presence at ICE has helped take the number of orders received since the official launch of Prismatic less than a month ago to in excess of 1,600 units ” stated...