Monday, September 21, 2020

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Hospitality chiefs unite to launch legal claim against PPL tariff hike

Hospitality dj
Trade heads for the UK’s hospitality industry are citing a prospective 130 per cent rise in the cost of live music as unsustainable - and are appealing to..

PPL PRS Ltd launched for streamlined music licensing

The UK’s two music licensing companies, PPL and PRS for Music, have launched their joint venture to create one single company - PPL PRS Ltd - to administer the licensing of music used in public, known as “public performance”. It has been launched to provide customers with a streamlined service,a single point of contact, and one licence covering both companies’...

Jaybox confirms commiment to operator profits by absorbing new year costs

Coinslot Jaybox Jukebox
A new year often means an increase in costs for operators, however, jukebox manufacturer Jaybox has absorbed an increase in licence fees and committed to its fixed-fee policy. Jaybox has announced there will be no increase in fees this year as the company continues to follow its simple business model; provide the best machines with the best music catalogue so...

EAG & VAE to offer record-breaking seminar package

With more seminars on offer than ever before, attendees have more chances that ever to gain insights into the leisure and amusements business at 2017’s EAG and VAE events.   The programme of seminars laid on for the upcoming EAG and VAE shows is set to be the largest ever. Organiser Karen Cooke explained: “For 2017, both BALPPA and Bacta have been...

Bacta in tune with PPL to achieve level playing field for operators

Coinslot bacta John White PPL
A bacta delegation comprising chief executive John White, David Gershlick and NSM’s Martin Agabeg, has met with the PPL in order to develop a co-ordinated plan of action to combat some, non-bacta operators who are failing to ensure publicans and other customers are complying with their legal licensing requirements. John White believes operators who are not policing the full licensing...