Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Off The Record: Carrie Johnson / Un-jabbed care workers / Europe / Covid response

Off The Record Carrie Johnson
To what extent is Carrie Johnson helping to define government policy, should un-jabbed care workers sue and why does Europe have such a distorted view of the UK?

Off The Record Boris Johnson / Peppa Pig / PPE / HMRC / Covid strategy

Peppa Pig Boris Johnson Comment
If Boris loses the plot who could be the next incumbent to redecorate the Number 10 flat, why the Commission could be excused for breathing a big sigh of relief and who’s for a trip to the 8th most popular amusement park in the world?

PMS International “ready and waiting” for PPE supply confirms Beverley

Steve Beverley PMS International
An early shift towards PPE and hand sanitiser for leisure supplier PMS International means operators have a go-to solution for a safe re-opening on July 4. International director Steve Beverley talks to Coinslot about the new product launches and the new normal.

Llandudno Pier faces “mass redundancies” due to travel limit

Llandudno Pier faces redundancies
Tir Prince Leisure Group owner Adam Williams has warned that the Welsh Government’s five mile travel restriction could pose a threat to both the staff and the future of Llandudno Pier.

Godden gears up for re-opening with clear Covid-secure commitment to staff and customers

Jeremy Godden Godden Gaming and Gordon Henderson MP
Jeremy Godden, managing director of Godden Gaming, is preparing to open the doors at his Palace Amusements AGCs supported by a full range of personal protection equipment, hygiene protocols and health initiatives for both customers and staff.

NHS supplier JAKsan brings anti-bacterial sanitisers to the industry

JAKsan hand sanitisers
When it comes to reopening, there is nothing more important than personal protective equipment and supplies. One specialist in the area, JAKsan, has added the gaming industry to a portfolio where the NHS sits as its key client. Coinslot talks to managing director Patrick McKay about tackling the enormous challenges facing British businesses.

Supermarkets provide a template of what to do and how to do it, states Praesepe COO

Mark Schertle Praesepe COO
Consumer-facing gaming and amusements operators are drawing on the experience of other retail sectors on the high street as they make adjustments to their businesses in preparation for an eventual return to post-pandemic trading.

Instance Automatics develops Covid-19 safety range to help industry to open

Instance Automatics PPE Health & Safety
Looking at other ways to keep wages paid after the March Lockdown began, Instance Automatics has developed a range of solutions to assist businesses when they eventually reopen and have to comply with the government’s yet to be announced “Covid-19 secure” guidelines.

Intouch Games donates half a million to local NHS trust

Intouch Games nhs donation
With NHS staff across the country urgently in need of PPE, former jukebox manufacturer Simon Wilson has donated half a million pounds to the Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust in order to support its local hospital.

Back to life, but to a new reality

Bacta members discussions
Following discussions with Bacta members, several measures to allow responsible operation of premises have been proposed by the trade association.

Industry manufacturer producing 5,000 face shields a week for healthcare staff

Innovative Technology PPE
Innovative Technology has repurposed its Oldham based facility to the production of PPE for frontline healthcare staff.