Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Grand Pier offer players extra time to spend old pound coins

Coinslot - old Weston Grand Pier Italian gardens
Although not obligated to accept the old pound coin since Sunday, the south west’s top attraction, The Grand Pier, is giving visitors the chance to convert their last few coins into fun and prizes.   The Grand Pier in Weston- super-Mare is offering its customers an extension on the Royal Mint’s deadline for businesses to stop accepting old £1 coins. It ceased...

Eight million Brits to choose staycation due to plummeting pound

bacta Coinslot - Pound Brexit Seaside UK staycation sector's sector's
The UK’s seaside resorts could be the destination of choice for many British holidaymakers this year due to the current value of the pound.   The seaside sector could get a boost this summer after new research claimed an estimated eight million Brits will change their travel plans and holiday in the UK due to the post-Brexit fall in the value...

Weak pound sees export boost for machine suppliers

Coinslot Weak Pound economic
Comparatively slow economic growth in the EU combined with a strong demand for British goods and services elsewhere in the world means that the UK’s biggest trading partner is declining in importance while UK exports benefit from the weak pound. Since Britain’s vote to leave the EU in June’s referendum, sterling has taken a battering against the US dollar with...

Weaker pound draws big-spending travellers

Coinslot Pound Brexit tourism
As was predicted by a number of industry observers in the wake of the UK’s Brexit vote, a fall in the value of the pound has been a boon for tourism. Some of the first official figures relating to inbound tourism indicates that visitors to the country are spending more. Global Blue, the company which process tax refunds for purchases...