Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tag: pound coins

Fake coins in the making and in the market

Coinslot, Gambling Commission, DCMS consultation, GC, coins
It hasn’t taken long for the forgers to crack the unbreakable code behind the new £1 coins, according to the Daily Star Sunday.   The paper’s investigation has revealed that “there’s loads in circulation”, as“one gangster” put it, “and the market for them is ready to pop next year”. Examining the fake coins, the investigators were shown the marginal adjustments -...

Grand Pier offer players extra time to spend old pound coins

Coinslot - old Weston Grand Pier Italian gardens
Although not obligated to accept the old pound coin since Sunday, the south west’s top attraction, The Grand Pier, is giving visitors the chance to convert their last few coins into fun and prizes.   The Grand Pier in Weston- super-Mare is offering its customers an extension on the Royal Mint’s deadline for businesses to stop accepting old £1 coins. It ceased...

Out with the old, in with the new for Ray Stewart

Coinslot - Ray Stewart CC Leisure
Ray Stewart, owner of CC Leisure, explains why he has already taken the step to only accept new £1 coins in his string of AGCs in London and the South West.   As the old £1 coin moves closer to the furnace, once again many operators have the daunting task of adapting their machines, this time to only take the new...