Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Coin-fusion for businesses as new pound coins mistakenly returned

Coinslot - Royal Mint pound coin
Businesses around the country appear to be getting themselves into a spot of confusion and have been accidentally returning new pound coins instead of the old at an alarming rate.   With less than two months left on the co-circulation period, the changeover is being hampered by around half of coins being returned belonging to the new mintings. The treasury is calling...

Mint concedes to production glitch in new £1 coin

Coinslot - Royal Mint glitch
With 1 in 30 of the old £1 coins estimated to be counterfeit, operators hoped that the new £1 would bring more security to the industry’s ‘golden coin’. For a moment this looked in doubt, but the Royal Mint quickly reassured the potential counterfeit was merely a misprint.   The reportedly forged example of a new £1 coin is in fact...

Coin variations continue to confuse despite Royal Mint claims

Coinslot - Royal Mint pound coin
Three issues ago Coinslot reported claims that versions of the new £1 trial coins and subsequent variations of the circulation coin differed in specification. While more facts have emerged, The Mint remains firm that all new £1 coins are the same.   Operators and manufacturers are still attempting to figure out issues surrounding the new £1 coin, with data from Instance...

Thomas on the flip side of the pound coin

Coinslot - Ivor Thomas pound coin
The new pound coin is expected to cost the industry millions of pounds, but some operators, such as Ivor Thomas’s Paul Thomas, are content to grin and bear the cost in the hope that new coins will prove to be as secure as advertised.   The 28 March, 2017 is a date firmly imprinted on the minds of everyone in coinop,...