Saturday, January 22, 2022

Tag: post-brexit

Lincolnshire preps for post-lockdown seaside boom

Ingoldmells councillor Colin Davie says that a local seaside resurgence is on the cards post-Covid… but that tourists are likely to shun cash. What will that mean for the local amusements sector?

Post-Brexit staycations remain high as Britons not leaving

Staycations have continued to surge a year after Brexit, with nearly half of Britons taking a holiday within the country in 2017, according to a new study.Britain’s coast was singled out by respondents as a top choice, with nearly three in five reporting to have visited this year. Indeed, businesses seaside resorts have reported a huge increase in bookings since...

Operators investing to break the bank for summer

Coinslot - Operators comment
Operators investing heavily in time for bank holidays and the wider summer season may not seem the most surprising of news, but this year the sheer amount being spent, across such a breadth of premises is as notable as it is positive, says Tom Rush.   Across the country vast sums of money are being invested into arcades, theme parks and...