Saturday, June 25, 2022

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2022 deadline for paper notes

2022 deadline for paper notes banknotes
The Bank of England has confirmed existing paper £20 and £50 banknotes still in circulation will cease to be legal tender as of 2022, following the launch of the new £50.

Bank of England reject calls for new polymer note change

Bank of England reject calls for new polymer note change
Worrying calls for Britain’s five pound note switch-over to be reversed have been allayed, as the Bank of England has announced that any change in polymer material make up would be too costly. Complaining that the new tender contained animal fat, protesters urged the government to backtrack the change to the current, and all future polymer notes at a...

E-Service respond to the challenges presented by new £5 polymer note

Coinslot Mike Clokie E-service
As the new £5 polymer banknote entered the market last week, E-Service helped operators to upgrade bill validators and change machines in venues across the country.   Operators across the country have been preparing for the implementation of the new £5 polymer banknote that was released on 13 September. The new note’s increased security and durability will provide benefits in the long...