Friday, January 15, 2021

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Tough times ahead for pub workers, says labour expert

Closed due to Covid job retention scheme
According to one economic pundit, the end of the government’s job retention scheme could lead to an epic level of unemployment amongst young bar staff. The day of reckoning is preparing to go eyeball to eyeball with Rishi Sunak.

Political pressure mounts to ease lockdown UK

Political pressure ease lockdown
Lockdown is taking its toll on British society, from families in the home to businesses on the high street. The UK public seems to be itching for some movement and politicians are sensing the restlessness. Warnings of patience wearing thin are now reaching the inner sanctum of government.

Gambling Commission: McArthur defends National Strategy in APPG hearing

Neil McArthur Gambling Commission
The Gambling Commission found themselves under fire last week when the top dogs turned up at Westminster for a Q&A with the All-Party Parliamentary Group. It certainly wasn’t a love-in between the two stakeholders as Chris Webster discovered.

Bacta puts innovation in focus for 2020

John White Bacta business rates
Over the past decade, restrictive technical standards and prohibitive regulations having been holding the industry’s innovators back. This year, however, Bacta...

Tory landslide: Bacta to apply their skill for a better prize from government

Boris Johnson Election Brexit Bacta
A Conservative majority will no doubt be good for Britain’s small businesses, says Bacta’s John White - but Brexit will still have to be dealt with first.

Labour promises new gambling act

Labour party manifesto gambling act
Jeremy Corbyn has promised to radically change the legislation governing Britain’s gambling landscape. So what does the future hold for gambling UK under a Labour government?

BBC takes minimum wage debate to Southend arcades

Southend promenade minimum wage BBC
With all major parties promising a minimum wage increase ahead of the election, the BBC visited Southend-on-Sea to investigate just what effect a higher..

Coastal campaign trail defined by Brexit

Coastal campaign Brexit
Poor infrastructure, sky-rocketing business rates and flagging leisure spend may be holding back many of the UK’s coastal towns, but Brexit remains at the..

Gambling-related Harm APPG – £2 for online?

Dan Waugh Regulus Partners £2 stake
Dan Waugh highlights the importance of high stakes for online operators, suggesting the path they must take to protect against a £2 stake limit.

“Progress has been made”

Neil McArthur progress gaming commission development
Taking encouragement from the industry’s continued strengthening of its social responsibility commitments, Gambling Commission CEO Neil McArthur looked..

Game Over: Regulating gaming and gambling markets of the future

Tom Watson Labour gambling act
Shadow deputy leader Tom Watson outlines why he thinks a whole new gambling act is needed to address the challenges of the digital age...

Flutter charity partnership under fire

Flutter charity Samaritans partnership
A charity partnership between the Samaritans and Flutter Entertainment has come under fire from MPs, despite the operator stating it is “keen to learn”..

UKinbound ups tourist sector’s commitment to disabled visitors

UKinbound disabled disability visitors access
Tourism trade chiefs claim a new deal between UKInbound and charity Revitalise signals the next step in Britain’s commitment to disability access.

Gambling Business Group steps up call for a modernisation programme

Peter Hannibal Gambling Business Group Modernisation
The Gambling Business Group has set the wheels in motion for the formation of a structured package of proposals to modernise the framework within which..

Falling off a Cliff?

Social Market Foundation Scott Corfe
After seeing little in the way of improvement from the government since the Social Market Foundation’s last publication, ‘Living on the Edge’, the..

Is Corbyn the saviour? Labour leader pledges new approach to save the high street

Jeremy Corbyn High Street
In a visit to Bolton last weekend, Labour leader Jeremy Corby unveiled what his prospective Labour government would do to correct the sorry state of the..

Harris: Industry only as responsible as its weakest link

Carolyn Harris social responsibility
Although chair of the APPG for Gambling Harm Carolyn Harris acknowledges that gambling companies have “taken measures” to improve, she believes the industry

Tom Watson argues for a new Gambling Act

Tom Watson Deputy Leader Labour Party Legislation Gambling Act
Continuing his crusade to change the UK’s gambling landscape, Labour Party deputy leader Tom Watson spoke to the international industry about how..

Deal or no deal, that is the question

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines Brexit
“We are one country, a united homogenous state, all facing the same issues, “ said a stoic Paolo Sidoli, as Coinslot bravely tried to press the brexit..

Different defensive strategies will lead to the same outcome for bookies

LBO Sector Closure comment Dan Waugh
Analysing the shop closure announcements from both Will Hill and GVC in his weekly Winning Post blog, Regulus Partners’ Dan Waugh identifies the differing..

“Not the end of this conversation”

Jeremy Wright Secretary of State for DCMS
In an oral statement to parliament, Secretary of State for the DCMS, Jeremy Wright, his views on the recent commitments made by some of the gambling..

Watson weighs in on ‘gambling epidemic’, again

Tom Watson Labour anti-gambling
Labour’s number two Tom Watson is back on the anti-gambling bandwagon again, this time with a promise to “overhaul” the online gaming sector.

“The Great British Coast has enormous potential”

James Brokenshire Lords Select Committee Seaside towns Regeneration
In his response to a report from the House of Lords Select Committee on Regenerating Seaside Towns and Communities, communities secretary James Brokenshire

Revitalising our high streets

Brigid Simmonds CEO British Beer and Pub Association
Writing for the blog, Brigid Simmonds, CEO of the British Beer and Pub Association, explains that pubs and local businesses can play a..

GamCom talks tough as lowered FOBT stakes go into effect

GamCom, FOBT, politics, uk, b2 machines
The implementation of new maximum stakes on B2 machines this week served as an opportunity for the regulator to wag its finger not just at bookies, but also at the AGC and remote sectors. Ahead of the £2 stake limit on B2 terminals coming into force this week, the Gambling Commission wrote to bookmakers to “remind them of their responsibilities”...

Industry heads call for nuance at parliamentary seminar

Industry, politics, parliamentary, seminar
Two prominent voices from the gambling industry have addressed parliament on the issue of children gambling. A seminar held by the All-Party Betting & Gaming Control Group last Tuesday grilled a panel of industry experts on the degree to which children are engaged in underaged gambling, and on prospective methods to stop its occurrence. The Rank Group’s director for public...

Threat of statutory levy gains ground

Politics, tax, statutory, levy, industry
The Responsible Gambling Strategy Board has proposed a compulsory levy on gambling operators to fund problem gambling initiatives, as part of feedback on the the UKGC National Strategy. Intended to replace the current voluntary contributions made by firms, the board made the suggestions to designate funding for prevention, treatment and research, with the final Strategy set for publication in April...

Irish bookies await promised tax hike review

irelnad, bookmaker, tax
Ireland is awaiting a review of its bookmaker turnover tax increase from one to two percent, which came into action on 1 January. Proposed as part of Budget 2019 by Ireland’s finance minister Paschal Donohoe, the tax hike has been a cause of huge concern for industry stakeholders, with independent bookmakers in particular feeling squeezed by the 100 percent rise. Following...

Bacta meet with the Minister and explore industry road map

Bacta Delegation meet Gambling Minister Mims Davies
A senior Bacta delegation met last week with the Gambling Minister Mims Davies and her Civil Service advisers...

Redevelopment of Bangor Pier ahead of schedule

Bangor Pier, Redevelopment, politics, amusements
Despite Bangor City council reporting unforeseen and “challenging problems” in its refurbishment of the town’s landmark pier, Phase Three of rebuilding work is set to finish sooner than expected. The city of Bangor council has announced renovation work on the town’s famous Victorian pier could be completed ahead of schedule. Phase Three of the £1m repair project, which involves strengthening the...