Monday, May 23, 2022

Tag: Politicians

Comment – Time to recognise the human side of business / There may be trouble ahead!

Sketch Comment MPs - leisure spend
Why do politicians think that there isn’t a human side to business? It might be the case in their own industry, but it’s certainly not in our’s. Is it time to tell the parliamentarians that they have to listen to the business community - and that not to do so will be their peril?

Off The Record – ACOS / Minimum Wage/ Scaremongering / Vaccine Passports

ACOS 2021 Off The Record
A ‘bloody brilliant’ ACOS, the spectre of Vaccine Passports and why politicians must do something about the wholesale leaking of policies - all of this and more in the latest words of wisdom courtesy of Coinslot’s favourite Off the Record Arcadian.