Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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FOBT cut won’t count for Northern Ireland

Ireland Fobt
While England and Wales look forward to moving past the FOBT debate, the issue will remain a cause of contention in Northern Ireland, with the country continuing without devolved government as it decides if the controversial terminals are even legal. Northern Ireland’s Department of Communities has said the country cannot consider following England and Wales’ lead on last week’s cut...

Statistics show “hardcore” state of FOBT’s high stakes

Coinslot - FOBT stakes statistics review cost commission
Industry statistics published by the Gambling Commission have shown that FOBTs brought in £1.8bn for bookmakers. But, Bacta analysis has uncovered the effect of B2’s £100 maximum stake. The FOBT debate will not go away.   Analysis of industry statistics by Bacta has revealed that FOBTs are responsible for 96 percent of all machine gross gambling yield (GGY) made in excess...