Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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Cains hopes to be the Talk of the Town

Playtime Amusements David Cain
An arcade operator is looking as though it may expand and revitalise a down-and-out pub on the Isle of Sheppey, with plans in the works to turn the place into a hybrid arcade come fish-and-chip shop.

Industry avoids being short changed on a long weekend

Coinslot - bank holiday weekend Easter
The May Bank Holiday brought more good news for UK operators despite it being so close on the heels of Easter.   You don’t need to be a seasoned expert on arcades to assume that good weather and bank holidays are universally welcomed by operators. And for Michael Mason, owner of Masons Amusements in Blackpool, good weather plays a big part...

Kevin Birch: “It’s not all about the jackpot”

Coinslot Kevin Birch Players Amusements
Kevin Birch, owner of Players Amusements, has been impressed by B3 development over the last few years, highlighting an added entertainment value that’s keeping ‘bums on seats’.   Players Amusements has seen a return in player base to its B3 machines over the last few years, with owner Kevin Birch attributing the uplift to an increased entertainment factor in game content. Whilst...

Players finding confidence in product and parley

Coinslot Kevin Birch Players Amusements
With expansion planned in 2017 following a successful year, Players Amusements director, Kevin Birch, is looking to networking opportunities at EAG to provide insight into the direction of market trends. AGC operator Players Amusements enjoyed a successful 2016 across the bulk of its estate and this upwardly mobile direction is one Kevin Birch is certainly keen to continue. One of the...

Top marks for advance replacement market, says operator

Coinslot Kevin Birch Players Amusement
Kevin Birch of Players Amusements could hardly be happier with the coin-op market’s ability to turnaround replacement parts at short notice. All operators know too well, there’s nothing more frustrating than an arcade floor packed with customers, and a bunch of your top machines still waiting for replacement parts. For an industry which relies on the well-oiled coming together of...