Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Bob Rudd Leisure hails Angelina as ‘best jukebox’ yet

Bob Rudd, angelina
Less than two weeks after the first wave of Angelina installations and the flow of positive feedback from licensees,pub goers and operators alike is loud and clear. Reports coming back from Bob Rudd Leisure confirm the instant impact made by what many consider to be the best wall mounted jukebox ever made. Heidi Youngman, Operations Director from Bob Rudd said:“After we...

Introducing the very best jukebox in the world

NSM Angelina best jukebox
Developed in conjunction with Sound Leisure to meet the specific needs of UK operators, the Angelina has the same top earning, consumer friendly interface as its predecessor, the Playdium, while also featuring a new contemporary lighting system that gives it a stand out presence in any location or environment

Phil Silver’s Playdium Picks

Coinslot Playdium Jukebox TouchTunes
After Quentin Stott’s recent championing of new kids in town, The Eagles, it’s time to go a bit more Radio 3 or 4 according to our latest selector. This week industry veteran, Phil Silver, brings a classic edge to Playdium Picks with some classic rock, classic beers and even some classic Hollywood choreography... Phil has had one foot in the...

TouchTunes technology drives record increase in Aretha Franklin plays as public pays respect

Aretha franklin
The legendary status of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, who passed away at the age of 76 recently, has been celebrated by music lovers across the country according to data from Playdium’s TouchTunes jukebox. With a surge in plays for celebrated vocalist Aretha Franklin in the week following her death,the Playdium’s ability to provide for the very latest music...

Quentin Stott’s Playdium Picks

Stotts Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming
This summer saw Michael Jackson’s Thriller lose its title as the biggest selling album of all time to The Eagles’ Greatest hits, so following John Sullivan’s musical odyssey, it felt only right to pass the musical torch to a true Eagles aficianado and New Kid in Town for this feature, Quentin Stott, Managing Director of Reflex Gaming. Quentin’s entire career...

Paul Purcell’s Playdium Picks

Coinslot Playdium Jukebox TouchTunes
As the temperatures continue to rise Norman Valente passes the Playdium Picks torch to Founder and Managing Director of Amusement Leisure, Paul Purcell, for a scorching selection of happy and heartfelt songs which are absolutely guaranteed to have everybody smiling in the sunshine! Paul owns and runs Amusement Leisure but prior to starting the business he was a veteran of...

TouchTunes highlight power of technology as Playdium enjoys market leading status

Toby Hoyte
The Playdium, regarded as the world’s smartest jukebox, accounted for more than 50 percent of new UK sales in the last 12 months, a feat that sales and marketing manager Toby Hoyte is attributing to a combination of technology and terms. Expanding on his argument, Hoyte told Coinslot: “Operators are looking for products that deliver enhanced cash box figures and...

Playdium line-up football classics to support pub trade World Cup push

World Cup pub
Football chants, stadium anthems and sing-a- long choruses will ring out in pubs and entertainment venues across the country as Playdium jukeboxes model their interactive playlists to coincide with the start of the World Cup in June. “All of our UK music profiles will now feature a Football Songs playlist tile containing all the football anthems such as Three Lions,...

Tony Boulton’s Playdium Picks

Tony Boulton Project regional
Following Mike Clokie’s musical pilgrimage across genres, this week Tony Boulton, Managing Director of Project, raises the stakes with a mega pot of stone cold classics from Guinness World Record breaking prog rock to female empowerment disco anthems Tony Boulton, who launched Project alongside co-founder Ramon de Beneducci, is one of the most respected personalities in the industry and an...

Playdium brings BGM to the fore

The effective programming of background music has been described as one of the music sector’s unsung skills by Carl Adams, technical service representative at TouchTunes. Adams is well qualified to comment on how music is being used as part of the customer experience, ensuring he visits all new TouchTunes customers and is instrumental in their first installation of a Playdium...

Gabi Stergides chooses his Playdium playlist

Bacta, Gabi Stergides, fobt, campaign
In recent weeks we’ve seen a diverse set of musical picks from the 60s, 70s and 80s including Peter Hannibal’s rock tinged selections, now Gabi Stergides, Bacta’s youngest ever National President, brings us full tilt into the 90s and noughties with big beats, rebellious anthems and globe-trotting robot DJs! Gabi Stergides grew up in the UK arcade and amusements sector...

TouchTunes celebrates 7 years with Teenage Cancer Trust

TouchTunes Teenage Cancer Trust
TouchTunes, the world leader in digital jukebox technology, is celebrating another year of partnering with Teenage Cancer Trust. TouchTunes has been supplying music for over 40 jukeboxes in their units in hospitals and clinics throughout the UK since 2011.

TouchTunes technology engaging with the iGeneration

Pascal de Mul touchtunes managing director acos
Following the merger of TouchTunes and PlayNetwork, Pascal de Mul was appointed managing director, Europe with a brief to drive business growth for the combined company in EMEA. With significant experience spanning high profile roles at Philips, TRAFI, Spotify and most recently Deezer, Pascal is a champion of the relationship between music and technology.   Coinslot: Your background is working with...

Playdium: the jukebox operators are paying for from its cash box

Coinslot-ACOS- Playdium .v1
  A combination of cutting edge technology, huge play appeal and record breaking terms, which include the abolition of fixed music fees, are enabling operators to pay for what’s widely recognised as the world’s smartest juke from the cash box. Playdium continues to impress.   TouchTunes’ sales and marketing manager, Toby Hoyte, who works with operators based throughout the country, believes the...

Repeat orders underpin Playdium sales success

Coinslot Playdium Jukebox TouchTunes
Sales of Playdium, widely recognised as the UK’s best performing jukebox with income figures 25 percent above the industry average, are being driven by a buoyant level of repeat orders that are being placed by operators of all sizes.   According to figures released by TouchTunes, the proportion of repeat orders registered during Q1 of 2018 account for a significant 40...

Kate Chambers’ Playdium Picks

Coinslot Kate Chambers ICE Totally Gaming
Following on from a trip to the swinging 60s with Norman Leftly, Kate Chambers, Managing Director at Clarion Gaming, picks up the Playdium Picks baton to take us through the cool as ICE glam of 1970s Britain, the ch-ch-changing faces of Bowie and which songs get her Tiger Feet tapping in 2018. In her capacity as Managing Director of Clarion...

TouchTunes terms drive jukebox investment

Coinslot - ACOS Playdium
The operator-friendly business terms introduced by TouchTunes in support of the Playdium jukebox has led to an uplift in demand of almost 50 percent over six months.   The rise comes as more operators take advantage of the ability to invest in their music offering and pay for the world’s smartest jukebox from the cash box. The terms were introduced...

Norman Leftly’s Playdium Picks

Norman Leftly’s Playdium Picks
After walking a stairway to heaven with Peter Davies, Playdium Picks takes a trip to the 60s with industry veteran and photographer Norman Leftly of The Party Photos. With some of the most obscure tracks chosen so far in this feature, Norman is definitely making the most of the more than a million tracks available on Playdium.   Norman Leftly began...

Playdium momentum elevates status of the jukebox

Toby Hoyte, sales and marketing manager at TouchTunes, believes the extra cash box income generated by the Playdium jukebox has meant that many operators are looking at their jukebox business in a new light leading to enhanced investment in the sector.   Reflecting on a successful showing at EAG, Hoyte said: “The no fixed music fee business model means that operators...

Playdium’s new video music option to be unveiled

Coinslot Records Playdium average video
Quality is the consistent theme which underlines the popularity of the TouchTunes Playdium, a product that is rapidly establishing a reputation amongst operators, venues and end-users alike for being the industry’s jukebox of choice.   Launched in the UK little more than a year ago, the Playdium combines sleek design with intuitive navigation, top end components and a market leading mobile...

Dawn Clarke’s Playdium Picks

Dawn Clarke
  After a lesson in Cerco dancing and the issue of having too much of a beloved song with Simon Thomas, Playdium Picks spoke with Dawn Clarke, Head of Electronic Leisure at Mitchell & Butlers, about the power of feel-good music, Jon Bon Jovi and the not-so-hot trend of the Running Man dance!   Dawn has grown up in the machine industry,...

Playdium: A real game changer

  A game changing physical installation coupled with a future-proof mobile app has brought the Playdium jukebox to a best-in-market position that is set to only grow stronger in years to come, comments Toby Hoyte, TouchTunes’ sales and marketing manager.   Coinslot: It’s just over a year since you launched Playdium in the UK, what has the response been? Toby Hoyte: I think...

Simon Thomas’ Playdium Picks

  After the stellar selection of tracks from Praesepe’s Nick Harding, Playdium Picks spoke to Simon Thomas, Chief Executive at The Hippodrome Casino, about the music that shaped him and one song in particular which definitely hasn’t been played just once in his life.   Simon Thomas is the seventh generation of his family to work in the leisure industry. President of...

Leisureplay conclude 100 Playdium order

Marc Bird and Toby Hoyte agree the 100 order Playdium deal Leisureplay
TouchTunes has confirmed the conclusion of a deal with Leisureplay which will see the specialist independent operator add a further 100 Playdium jukeboxes to its estate.   The deal, which was discussed at October’s ACOS and finalised last week, is the latest breakthrough order for what is widely regarded as being the industry’s smartest and most successful jukebox. Toby Hoyte, TouchTunes’ Sales...

TouchTunes predict key income generation role for Playdium App

  Playdium will be breaking cash box records all the way through to 2019 according to company forecasts. And driving the force will be the TouchTunes mobile app which has already reached 800,000 unique users active every month.   By 2019, 20 percent of Playdium’s cash box income in the UK will be derived from the TouchTunes App, according to forecasts produced...

Orders up 30 percent as operators embrace new Playdium deal

Coinslot Playdium Jukebox TouchTunes
  TouchTunes has confirmed that UK sales of its Playdium jukebox have increased by 30 percent following the launch of ground breaking terms, which include the abolition of fixed music fees and the introduction of deferred payments of just £14.50/week.   Toby Hoyte, TouchTunes’ sales and marketing manager, said: “These are fantastic terms for what is the very best jukebox in the...

Playdium receives top marks from ACOS visitors

playdium acos
“A memorable edition full of energy and optimism for the future of the jukebox industry,” is how Toby Hoyte, TouchTunes’ sales and marketing manager, chose to describe last week’s ACOS, which marked the first anniversary of the launch of the Playdium to a UK audience of operators.   In the 12 months following the arrival of what commentators now refer to...

John White’s Playdium Picks

Coinslot - John White review
After staging a hugely successful ACOS, exhibition organiser Karen Cooke, hands the Playdium Picks baton to John White, CEO of bacta.   John White loved his time with bacta so much that he came back for a second helping! John first joined the association as a fresh faced, 26 year old with a degree in Politics and American Studies and a...

Playdium receives top marks from ACOS visitors

Coinslot - ACOS Playdium
“A memorable edition full of energy and optimism for the future of the jukebox industry” is how Toby Hoyte, TouchTunes’ Sales and Marketing Manager, chose to describe last week’s ACOS, which marked the first anniversary of the launch of the Playdium to a UK audience of operators.   In the 12 months following the arrival of what commentators now refer to...

TouchTunes team out in force as Playdium marks first anniversary at ACOS

Pascal de Mul touchtunes managing director acos
Twelve months on from the official launch of Playdium to a UK audience of operators, TouchTunes is out in force at ACOS 2017 led by a new managing director, backed by an experienced team and a growing order book for what is the industry’s highest earning jukebox.   Following the merger of Touch-Tunes and Play Network to form the leading global...