Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Phil Silver’s Playdium Picks

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After Quentin Stott’s recent championing of new kids in town, The Eagles, it’s time to go a bit more Radio 3 or 4 according to our latest selector. This week industry veteran, Phil Silver, brings a classic edge to Playdium Picks with some classic rock, classic beers and even some classic Hollywood choreography... Phil has had one foot in the...

John Sullivan’s Playdium Picks

John Sullivan Plydium Picks
As the summer holidays draw to a close following Paul Purcell’s sunny selections, John Sullivan, Partner and Director of GB Media Corporation, brings music alive again with showstopping Las Vegas crooners, muddy Mancunians at Glastonbury and 50,000 Liverpool fans at home! With a showman’s family background and decades of experience working across the amusements and gaming sectors, it’s fair to...

Paul Purcell’s Playdium Picks

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As the temperatures continue to rise Norman Valente passes the Playdium Picks torch to Founder and Managing Director of Amusement Leisure, Paul Purcell, for a scorching selection of happy and heartfelt songs which are absolutely guaranteed to have everybody smiling in the sunshine! Paul owns and runs Amusement Leisure but prior to starting the business he was a veteran of...

Norman Valente’s Playdium Picks

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With British summertime now in full swing after Linda Lindsay’s classic chart hits list, this week sees Norman Valente, Proprietor of Go Leisure, looking on the bright side, not looking back in anger and looking a bit fed up with the art of yodeling! Norman began his career in the gaming machine industry in the late 60s working with his...

Tony Boulton’s Playdium Picks

Tony Boulton Project regional
Following Mike Clokie’s musical pilgrimage across genres, this week Tony Boulton, Managing Director of Project, raises the stakes with a mega pot of stone cold classics from Guinness World Record breaking prog rock to female empowerment disco anthems Tony Boulton, who launched Project alongside co-founder Ramon de Beneducci, is one of the most respected personalities in the industry and an...

Mike Clokie’s Playdium Picks

Mike Clokie Playdium Coinslot-1
Channelling the rebellious side of Gabi Stergides’ previous musical journey, this week Mike Clokie, Managing Director at E-Service, brings a punk rock sensibility to Playdium Picks as he blurs the musical lines between bubblegum pop, new wave art-rock, post-punk and... Barry Manilow? Mike has been a part of the industry for over 30 years, starting out with a cashless vending...

Gabi Stergides chooses his Playdium playlist

Bacta, Gabi Stergides, fobt, campaign
In recent weeks we’ve seen a diverse set of musical picks from the 60s, 70s and 80s including Peter Hannibal’s rock tinged selections, now Gabi Stergides, Bacta’s youngest ever National President, brings us full tilt into the 90s and noughties with big beats, rebellious anthems and globe-trotting robot DJs! Gabi Stergides grew up in the UK arcade and amusements sector...

Lee Taylor’s Playdium Picks

Lee Taylor playdium picks
  Keeping it fresh after Kate Chambers’ ICE cool picks, Soundnet’s head of music, Lee Taylor, steps in with a burst of Fire, some screaming topiary and a heavy dose of Madchester music to warm the cockles in this special jukebox edition of Playdium Picks.   In his role as Head Of Music for Soundnet, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of audio...

Norman Leftly’s Playdium Picks

Norman Leftly’s Playdium Picks
After walking a stairway to heaven with Peter Davies, Playdium Picks takes a trip to the 60s with industry veteran and photographer Norman Leftly of The Party Photos. With some of the most obscure tracks chosen so far in this feature, Norman is definitely making the most of the more than a million tracks available on Playdium.   Norman Leftly began...

Andrew Jones’ Playdium Picks

the specials playdium picks
In the last Playdium Picks, Dawn Clarke took us back to youth clubs of the 90s with Ice Ice Baby and the Running Man dance. As we kick off 2018, Andrew Jones, owner of Second City Leisure, remembers the sound of The Midlands in the 80’s with 2 Tone Records and ska.   After spending seven years in the army as...

Dawn Clarke’s Playdium Picks

Dawn Clarke
  After a lesson in Cerco dancing and the issue of having too much of a beloved song with Simon Thomas, Playdium Picks spoke with Dawn Clarke, Head of Electronic Leisure at Mitchell & Butlers, about the power of feel-good music, Jon Bon Jovi and the not-so-hot trend of the Running Man dance!   Dawn has grown up in the machine industry,...

Simon Thomas’ Playdium Picks

  After the stellar selection of tracks from Praesepe’s Nick Harding, Playdium Picks spoke to Simon Thomas, Chief Executive at The Hippodrome Casino, about the music that shaped him and one song in particular which definitely hasn’t been played just once in his life.   Simon Thomas is the seventh generation of his family to work in the leisure industry. President of...

Nick Harding’s Playdium Picks

Coinslot Nick Harding
In the last Playdium Picks, Jason Jarrett recalled memories of ‘Toot Tooting’ along to Denise LaSalle’s My Toot Toot on outings in the family car. In a variation of a theme, Nick Harding’s first musical memory is of The Troggs track A Girl Like You whilst being driven by his Dad through London in a Ford Anglia.   Nick Harding, CEO...

John White’s Playdium Picks

Coinslot - John White review
After staging a hugely successful ACOS, exhibition organiser Karen Cooke, hands the Playdium Picks baton to John White, CEO of bacta.   John White loved his time with bacta so much that he came back for a second helping! John first joined the association as a fresh faced, 26 year old with a degree in Politics and American Studies and a...

Karen Cooke’s Playdium Picks

Playdium Picks karen cook
After the Novelty of hearing Chris Haley’s top tracks, Playdium Picks spoke to Karen Cooke, MD of Swan Events, to find out what music is guaranteed to get her “dancing in the aisles.”   One of the most familiar faces in the coin-op industry, Karen was born and raised in Enfield, Middlesex. She built a successful early career in sales, marketing...