Monday, May 16, 2022

Tag: Planning Inspectorate

‘No significant harm’: Planning Inspectorate overturns Newham Council’s AGC refusal

Planning inspectorate appeal Luxury Leisure
The Planning Inspectorate has approved plans submitted by Luxury Leisure for a new AGC in East Ham, dismissing Newham Council’s opposition by stating the approval would deliver “no significant harm.” The question is; why has a council incurred extra costs on its local community and a legitimate applicant when it knew its decision was flawed?

London Resort given March planning deadline

London Resort planning deadline
The London Resort has been given a deadline of 15 March to submit its planning application for review, after a request for a delay was rejected by the Planning Inspectorate.

Battle over London theme park continues

London Resort theme park battle
The London Resort’s updated environmental statement has been delayed until the end of November, ten months after the initial application for the project.

Planning Inspectorate allows London Resort update

London Resorts planning update
The Planning Inspectorate has ruled that the London Resort will not have to withdraw and resubmit its planning application in order to make amendments in line with the site’s recent designation as an SSSI.

London Resorts granted review delay

London resorts granted review delay
Will we ever see London Resorts’ long awaited theme park down in the south east? Already long in the planning, and now even longer in the execution, the £5 billion economy driving project has literally stuttered and shunted its way to another delay, most of which outside of its control.