Thursday, January 21, 2021

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The Pharaoh’s wishlist: Contactless and competition

Coinslot - Pharaoh's Amusements Henry Farr
In Ancient Egypt, from the twelfth dynasty onward, the word Pharaoh appears in a wish formula: “Great House, may it live, prosper, and be in health”. Henry Farr, owner of Pharaoh's Amusements in Bodmin, shares this wish for the AGC sector, with cashless payments and a positive Triennial Review at the top of the list.   Henry Farr, owner of Pharaoh's...

Operators await Brexit clarity and high-street parity

election vat
The delayed triennial review, a clearer Brexit strategy, and more funding for local businesses and communities are at the forefront of operators’ thoughts following the recent election. After over a week of waiting for the Conservative party to tie the knot with the DUP, operators from across the UK have weighed in on the snap election result, explaining both the expected...