Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tag: Peter Sedgwick

No dice: South Pier’s log flume forced into early retirement

Blackpool South Pier log flume dismantled
The log-flume ride on the Prom by Blackpool’s South Pier will shortly be no more - after an appeal to the UK Planning Inspectorate fell on deaf ears.

South pier flume gets Blackpool all astir

Blackpool South Pier
The repositioning of a log-flume ride by Blackpool’s South Pier continues to ruffle feathers amongst the town council’s planning committee.

Game of Piers gears up following Pier of the Year

Coinslot - Game of Piers
With Hastings winning Pier of the Year for 2017 at the start of this month, next year’s competition has already begun for some inspired pier owners.   Next year’s Pier of the Year award is already on the target list for some pier owners, each looking to succeed newly annointed Hastings. While the amusement- less pier won the 2017 edition from...

Famous Blackpool Wheel gets turning again

Coinslot - Blackpool pier wheel events
Revellers are now able to take a spin on one of Blackpool’s most famous landmarks, following major refurbishment work to the the iconic Big Wheel.   Work had been carried out in order to rebuild the ferris wheel on Central Pier following the completion of a £500,000 overhaul. The ride, which is standing back at a mighty 33 metres, was dismantled last...