Monday, September 28, 2020

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‘Over-zealous regulation’: Gambling Business Group steps up campaign to help businesses in the firing line

Gambling Business Group GBG over regulation
Stepping up to help advise businesses suffering from regulation that steps over the line is the Gambling Business Group which is calling on the industry to let them know if regulations have been slapped on operations with full force but less regard for the regulatory parameters.

Peter Hannibal: Is driving National Lottery revenues compatible with protecting the vulnerable?

Peter Hannibal Gambling Business Group National Lottery revenues
Peter Hannibal, chief executive of the cross-sector strategic body, the Gambling Business Group, is calling on the DCMS and the Gambling Commission to explain how they propose to balance the drive to maximise National Lottery revenues and deliver high returns at the same time as protecting the vulnerable

Peter Hannibal: What makes you tick?

Peter Hannibal Gambling Business Group
Peter Hannibal, reflects on a career that has taken him from his first proper job as an apprentice electrician to his current position as chief executive of the influential cross-sector strategic body – the Gambling Business Group

Does she mean us? Is gambling really the new tobacco?

Carolyn Harris Gambling new tobacco
Is gambling really the new tobacco? Industry figures speak about the consequences of such an association, how it undermines confidence in social responsibility initiatives and how important it is to recognise the distinct gambling sectors.

Raise age of National Lottery to 18, says APPG

calls to raise lottery age
The gambling-related harm APPG has written to the culture secretary demanding that the minimum age of scratch-cards and other lottery products be brought..

OKTO ready to answer industry’s cashless question, once and for all

OKTO cashless payments solution
International fintech provider OKTO is ready to give Britain’s retail gaming sectors a much needed post-lockdown boost by offering the definitive solution to the longstanding challenge of cashless payments.

Gambling Commission mulls over long-term clampdown on online slots

online slots gambling commission consultation
Behind the word consultation, the Gambling Commission is snarling, and online slots design is the primary target. Unveiling its request for submissions on the subject, the notice triggered concerns across the broader industry.

Amusements venues ready for Britain’s grand re-opening

AGCs FECs re-opening
While bowling and casinos will have to wait a while longer before the green light is given, AGCs, piers FECS, and bingo are eager and prepared for Britain’s grand reopening.

Experts By Experience project is narrow, proscriptive and threatens objective regulation argues Gambling Business Group

Neil McArthur Gambling Commission Experts by experience project
The Gambling Commission’s experts by experience initiative has come under attack from key figures of the industry who argue that it’s a major step towards regulation through lobby group rather than through the law. The introduction of experts, many drawn from the...

Now’s the time to get to the bottom of what was a collective failure before it has the chance to happen all over again

AGCs collective failure licensing regime Peter Hannibal Gambling Business Group
Peter Hannibal, chief executive of the cross-sector strategic body, the Gambling Business Group, proposes a back to basics education programme even down to the use of the ‘A’ word.

Amusements back in action by 15 June

Boris Johnson briefing AGCs reopen
With the government announcing that “betting shops and arcades” can re-open on 15 June, Bacta has confirmed that AGCs can make a comeback next month, with a clarification on FEC’s return date underway.

Gambling Business Group puts its weight behind influential NEXSTART hospitality coalition

Peter Hannibal Gambling Business Group NEXSTART coalition
The Gambling Business Group, has endorsed the vision and objectives of NEXSTART, the National Exit Strategy Advice and Response Team for the licensed hospitality and entertainment industry which was officially launched last week.

Hannibal backs single voice for business as leading entrepreneurial based organisations come together

Maurice Ostro OBE Business Action Council
With the UK unofficially, but certainly in recession, the emergence of a new business trade body seemed an inevitable procession. The Business Action Council has been formed through the alliance of some powerful industrial voices, and it’s got the backing of key gaming and gambling figures.

Roundtable keeps government engaged with industry thinking

Minister for gambling Nigel Huddleston government’s stakeholder roundtable sessions
The Minister responsible for gambling, Nigel Huddleston MP, and his team at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, have been congratulated for ‘the way in which the department has communicated with the industry and for the level of support provided by government during what is a particularly difficult time for business.’

Gambling Business Group puts the case for payments holiday on contracted overheads

DCMS plaque Mims Davies Peter Hannibal appointed
Peter Hannibal, chief executive of the Gambling Business Group, has urged DCMS to lobby for a payments holiday for businesses faced with fixed overheads such as vehicle leases, property rentals and finance arrangements - all at a time when there is no visibility of income.

“It’s knowledge and experience that matters at the Commission not numbers….”

Peter Hannibal GBG Gambling Commission comment
Peter Hannibal, chief executive of the cross industry Gambling Business Group, believes the proposed reduction in staffing levels at the Gambling Commission, as reported last week by The Guardian newspaper, may be an inevitable consequence of the COVID-19 crisis.

Let’s double the salaries at the Gambling Commission

Peter Hannibal GBG Gambling Commission comment
Peter Hannibal, CEO of the Gambling Business Group argues why increasing significantly the remuneration of the senior team at the Gambling Commission would..

“Time to look forward, not backwards”

Peter Hannibal ICE 2020 Gambling Business Group
Peter Hannibal, CEO, Gambling Business Group, puts a political spin on this week’s ICE but ‘it’s still technology” that will prove to be the key.

Two Cherries launches smoothly in Manchester

Two Cherries Manchester launch
Now ripe in handpicked pubs around Manchester, Two Cherries answered the calls of both pub managers and players during its live launch in the first week..

What happened to freedom of choice?

Peter Hannibal, Gambling Business Group,regulation inevitable information
Peter Hannibal, chief executive of the cross industry strategic body the Gambling Business Group, argues that when it comes to the regulation of gaming we are losing..

Peter Hannibal: Betting on the future

Peter Hannibal Gambling Business Group
William Hill has taken a progressive step to reposition the gambling experience and it’s not a moment too soon, states Peter Hannibal, CEO of the..

Facebook fraud group refines its terms as operator membership continues to grow

APFG Arcade & Pub Fraud Alert Group Facebook
The Arcade & Pub Fraud Alert Group (APFG) now has amassed over 330 individual members on Facebook, with more, the group says, joining by the day.

Let’s prioritise prevention before cure

Peter Hanniball argues British Medical Journal
Peter Hannibal argues that calls in the British Medical Journal for a mandatory tax on the industry miss the point and why the voluntary levy should be..

Cashless does not have to be contactless, argues GBG

Peter Hannibal DCMS GBG cashless initiative
When it comes to the demise of cash, Peter Hannibal, chief executive of the cross industry strategic body, the Gambling Business Group, believes it’s down to the industry to develop its own cost-effective solutions pointing out that some are already available...

Hannibal: Commissioning the ridiculous!

Peter Hannibal DCMS GBG cashless initiative
Peter Hannibal, CEO of the cross sector strategic body, the Gambling Business Group, looks back on last week’s ICE and questions the fuzzy logic behind the Gambling Commission’s decision not to attend and asks what message its ’no show’ policy sends the industry...

Malta, United States and Italy top league table of exhibitor nations at ICE London

Top exhibitor nations ICE London
Outside of the United Kingdom (138 exhibitors), Malta tops the league table of exhibitor nations with 60, followed by the United States (41) and Italy (23). The top 10 is completed by Taiwan (15), Germany (14), Bulgaria (12), Gibraltar (11) and Curaçao, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden (10 exhibitors each).

GBG announce priority issues and extend open invitation to new Secretary of state

Jeremy Wright
Strategic body, the Gambling Business Group,has contacted Jeremy Wright QC congratulating him on his appointment as Secretary of State for Digital,Culture,Media and Sport (DCMS) and identifying a list of priority issues impacting the development of the industry as a socially responsible provider of gambling entertainment. GBG chief executive officer Peter Hannibal said: “The appointment of a new Secretary of State...

Hannibal: DCMS must reconsider debit card prohibition

Peter Hannibal DCMS GBG cashless initiative
“If the Daily Mail article has any substance the news will serve to accelerate the migration of commerce from cash to digital cash and gaming machines will in turn get marginalised to a greater degree than they are currently. The Gambling Business Group is calling on the DCMS to reconsider the ill-judged dismissal of the request for the removal...

Gambling Business Group calls time on under reporting of industry contributions to RET amid requests for transparency from the Commission

Peter Hannibal DCMS GBG cashless initiative
It’s time that transparency cuts both ways, so argues influential strategic body the Gambling Business Group. At a time when the industry often finds itself under the microscope, the GBG believes the contribution to research, education and treatment is far greater than it is given credit for. And in this image-conscious battleground, the industry has, the group suggests, been...

Peter Hannibal: ‘Never gamble with reputations’

Peter Hannibal DCMS GBG cashless initiative
Peter Hannibal, CEO of the Gambling Business Group, seeks any scraps of comfort as reputations are trashed in an internecine war. Isn’t it fabulous that at last we now all know the outcome of the DCMS’s Gambling Review? Or is it? Whilst some are still inevitably revelling in the euphoria of the result,others are quietly licking their wounds contemplating what they...