Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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Playnation hone redemption experience with Walk in Prize Shop

Playnation Peter Davies
Ahead of the opening of a brand new Walk in Prize Shop at Haven’s Craig Tara Holiday Park, Playnation MD Peter Davies told Coinslot how continued..

Cat C remains the bedrock of business for the Gamestec Playnation Group

Peter Davies Managing Director Gamestec Playnation Cat C, AGC Estate
Peter Davies, managing director of the Gamestec Playnation Group, outlines the importance of Cat C to the company’s AGC estate, explaining how..

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals are ‘sucking the life out of pubs’ argues gaming expert

Coinslot - Fixed odds bacta pubs pub
Triennial Review of stakes and prizes needed to stem loss of machine income in pubs.   The pub fruit machine (AWP) is in the commercial equivalent of intensive care and unless the UK government addresses this in its triennial review of stakes and prizes, the prognosis could be terminal. The bleak outlook has been provided by Colm Taylor, whose company, CLMS,...

Industry experts discuss AWP’s last chance saloon?

Coinslot - industry AWP's last chance saloon
Industry expert Colm Taylor argues that the pub sector has lost £600m in AWP income since 2007 and confirms a positive triennial is the only way to address the decline, and the lure of LBOs.   The pub AWP is in the commercial equivalent of intensive care, a situation compounded by the absence of a triennial review and the impact of...

Gamestec feel the mud, sweat and tears

Coinslot - Gamestec mud
Gamestec is getting its hands dirty this year to raise money for charity, starting with the world’s largest obstacle course race.   The company’s team Muddy Hell Fire took on a series of challenges throughout 2016 in aid of Rays of Sunshine, all culminating in an incredible race up and down Mount Snowdon which saw the gaming machine operator raise over...

Bacta convention – Division leaders on contactless urgency

Coinslot Bacta convention
Although the post-lunch Challenge Panel touched on a range of issues concerning the future of the coin-op industry, it was once again debit cards which dominated proceedings, as the trade body’s division leaders stressed the importance of rapid action. One of Bacta president Jason Frost’s key internal contributions during this past year has been the work of his Strategy Committee....

Changes in Novomatic UK’s management structure

Coinslot Novomatic Chris Butler
Employing around 3,800 people, Novomatic UK, the country’s largest gaming industry operation, comprising manufacturing, operating and distribution, has announced senior management changes. Novomatic UK has undertaken a strategic realignment of its management structure which will see changes across several key positions and will come into effect on 1 January 2017. Central among the changes is the decision by Zane Mersich to...

Playnation’s MD says there’s still time to support team Muddy Hell Fire

Coinslot Playnation Rays of Sunshine
Team Muddy Hell Fire overcame a gruelling 22 mile run up and down Mount Snowdon to raise money for Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity.   Last year the Muddy Hell Fire team took on the Mudder Challenge, running 44 miles and tackling over 260 obstacles over the course of three events to raise funds for the Rays of Sunshine charity. The charity...