Monday, November 29, 2021

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Bacta’s Tony Boulton: ‘Gaming does not have a future without being able to offer alternative payment methods’

Tony Boulton Merkur UK Bacta Division 4
Tony Boulton, Director of Public and Political Relations at MERKUR UK, puts his Divisional hat on to discuss the challenge presented by the world shortage of chips and implications for delivering product for the 2022 season, the golden opportunity facing resort economies, the central importance of safer gambling and why the Review of Gambling really is the most important that the industry has faced.

The Pub Supply Chain: A year of knock-backs

Pub supply chain
As part of Bacta’s divisional perspectives, Steph Norbury speaks to Inspired’s Peter Davies and Dransfied’s Chris Haley about the impact the past year has had on the pub supply chain

Cashless overtakes cash for the first time in the UK, says new research

Cashless payment phone
Research from trade association UK Finance has said almost two-thirds of people in the UK are now using contactless, with 13.2 billion card payments in 2017 overtaking cash payments (13.1 billion) for the first time. Cash is still the second most frequently used payment method, accounting for 34% of all payments in 2017, but that figure is expected to fall...