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All roads lead to Brexit

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With investment in the leisure industry highlighting an inherent positivity, the spectre of Brexit appearing ever larger on the horizon looks to bring its own challenges. It is now up to the government to heed the words of those in the know, comments Paul Kelly, CEO at BALPPA. He negotiates his way through a Coinslot Q&A, without the need...

Kelly: A diverse industry needs dedicated support

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The diligent work of the UK leisure market can often go overlooked according to Paul Kelly, BALPPA chief executive. However, with Brexit on the horizon and the market seeing a raft of new entrants, the time is now for the government to stand up and offer the sector its full support.   Whilst the UK leisure industry is undergoing a period...

BALPPA may benefit from DUP demands

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The DUP’s unlikely rise in influence could provide BALPPA members with the Brexit they desire. With having the only  land border with the EU, the Northern Irish party is expected to pressure Theresa May for some version of ‘free movement of labour’ - a key issue for BALPPA in the Brexit deal. “From our members we have a very clear mandate...

Snap election likely to put Triennial “on backburner”

Coinslot - Election triennial review
With prime minister Theresa May announcing a general election only six weeks away, industry stakeholders suggest the elusive Triennial Review will “almost certainly” be slipping down the agenda.   Industry trade associations have responded positively to the government’s call for a general election on 8 June. A decision on the Triennial Review however, widely thought to have been imminent, could now...

Supreme Court case stirs school holiday debate

Coinslot - Supreme Court School holidays
With a recent ruling against unauthorised school holidays setting a new precedent on the issue, BALPPA’s chief executive Paul Kelly sheds light on what these new developments might mean for the UK attractions industry.   The future of school holidays and their effect on leisure businesses and tourism was put into the limelight last week as a father lost his legal...

Tourism Sector Backs Campaign for Lighter Evenings

Coinslot - Tourism sector daylight saving BALPPA
“Let’s use our daylight hours more wisely” states BALPPA. Britain’s leading tourism sector amusement and leisure parks are calling on the Government to shift UK clocks to Central European Time, putting the UK one hour ahead of GMT in winter and two hours ahead in the summer - creating lighter evenings all year round for the UK's tourism sector. According to...

EAG 2017 report – BALPPA: EAG VAE setting the tone for a busy year

Coinslot BALPPA Visitor Attraction Expo
The Visitor Attraction Expo partnered with EAG for its third edition this year, once more showcasing a wide variety of products from the burgeoning  leisure market. Coinslot spoke to Paul Kelly, CEO of BALPPA, about the growth of the sector. The UK entertainment industry saw a productive year in 2016, with an upturn in domestic tourism a driving force. With...

Exhibition variety delivers the key aspect

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The Visitors Attraction Show is at EAG for the third year and BALPPA CEO Paul Kelly believes the synergy between the two events gives operators a perfect platform to plan their 2017 projects. The Visitors Attraction Expo is again set to showcase the best of the leisure park and amusement attraction sectors at EAG in London. The variety offered by...