Monday, February 26, 2024

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Parliamentary group expands problem gambling inquiry

Parliamentary, group, expand, problem gambling, inquiry
The recently-formed Gambling Related Harm APPG has announced a series of evidence sessions to further its inquiry into the harms associated with online gambling. The committee, previously the APPG investigating FOBTs, has retained MP Carolyn Harris as chair and will continue to assess the impact of online sites on problem gamblers. “Vice-chairs Iain Duncan Smith MP and Ronnie Cowan MP have...

Industry heads call for nuance at parliamentary seminar

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Two prominent voices from the gambling industry have addressed parliament on the issue of children gambling. A seminar held by the All-Party Betting & Gaming Control Group last Tuesday grilled a panel of industry experts on the degree to which children are engaged in underaged gambling, and on prospective methods to stop its occurrence. The Rank Group’s director for public...