Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tag: Park Avenue

Park Avenue to open its doors to visitors next week

Park Avenue 2022 Preview
UDC and Electrocoin are to join together to host the Park Avenue 2022 Preview next week, filling the space in the exhibition diary left vacant by the recently rescheduled EAG

Park Avenue Open Day returns for 2022

Park Avenue Open Day returns in 2022
Electrocoin and UDC have confirmed that plans are afoot to restage the annual Park Avenue Open Day in summer 2022, following a two year pandemic-induced hiatus.

Park Avenue helps raise over £5k for Bacta trust

Park Avenue Bacta Charitable Trust
Fund raising at June’s highly successful Park Avenue Open Day generated a total of £5,613 for the Bacta Charitable Trust. The sum, which was presented by Electrocoin to Bacta Charitable Trust Chairman, Jimmy Thomas, marked a return...

JNC Sales bring latest offerings to Park Avenue

Dino Copy
JNC Sales will have some of the hottest picks from its considerable product portfolio on show at the Park Avenue Open Day. Small in size and price yet massive in terms of popularity and ease of use, JNC’s mini ball shooters have been one of the best-selling machines this year since their debut at the EAG show in January. At less...

All eyes on Electrocoin and UDC’s Park Avenue gathering

Coinslot - Electrocoin UDC Park Avenue
Electrocoin, in collaboration with UDC, will once again hold its Park Avenue display show on June 7 allowing companies to show off their latest products.   Over thirty companies including the likes of Bandai- Namco and Sega will head to London for the day, which will run between 10.00 to 17.00. “Once again we have had a fantastic response from companies wanting...