Saturday, January 22, 2022

Tag: Paramount

London Resort signs port deal for £3.2bn park project

Coinslot - Port Thames
The firm behind an upcoming multi-billion pound leisure resort on the Swanscombe Peninsula have struck a deal with a major Essex port to facilitate the park’s construction.   The news comes just weeks after the company’s deal with major film studio Paramount fell through. "We have always spoken of our commitment to make use of the Thames both during construction and operation" London...

Upcoming ‘UK Disneyland’ loses Paramount Pictures deal

Coinslot - UK Disneyland Paramount
Development is moving forward for the UK’s first gigantic theme park complex despite the departure of the film and tv giant Paramount, although local authorities still express concern about the park’s impact on the surrounding area.   Plans for a £3.2 billion theme park resort dubbed the UK Disneyland have fallen through. A recent statement from developer London Resort Company Holdings...

Paramount theme park in Kent could open by 2022

Coinslot - Paramount Disneyland Kent 2022
Plans for what’s being dubbed as Kent’s “Disneyland” are on track, according to the London Resort Company Holdings, and they are confident that they will be approved when the plans are submitted to the government.   The London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH), the top bosses behind plans for a £3.5bn Paramount theme park in north Kent, insist the project is still...