Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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Palace Pier entrepreneur wants to takeover i360

i360 Brighton
The boss of Brighton’s Palace Pier has approached the council in a bid to takeover operations of the town’s i360. Entrepreneur Luke Johnson approached the council after news that operators of the struggling tourist attraction had requested a significant delay to £6 million in loan repayments, due to be repaid over the next six years. In a letter to the council,...

Brighton Palace Pier CEO receives industry award

Anne Martin, Chief Executive Officer, The Brighton Pier Group plc, receives the Bacta Community Award from Bacta Chief Executive, John White (left) and Bacta President, Gabi Stergides
Anne Martin, Chief Executive Officer, The Brighton Pier Group plc, has been recognised for her services to the amusements industry.   Anne, who was appointed to the newly created role as Chief Executive of the company in June 2017, received the Bacta Community Award from the association’s President, Gabi Stergides at a presentation held on Brighton Palace Pier. Reflecting on the award...

Amusements income provides the business foundations for Britain’s iconic Piers

Coinslot - bacta piers Britain's pier britain's
Any spell of hot weather and you can guarantee newspaper spreads showing packed beaches at any number of Britain's piers and seaside resorts. However, there’s no need to read the captions to know where the pictures were taken, thanks to the iconic attractions captured within them. Whether it’s Brighton’s Palace Pier, the Grand Pier in Weston-super-Mare, Blackpool Tower or...