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Bulldog’s Pac-Man pusher makes the headlines with BANDAI NAMCO order

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Bulldog Games, the pusher and redemption brand that was launched to critical acclaim at last year’s show, made a huge statement of intent securing what managing director Peter Collinge described as a ‘significant order’ from BANDAI NAMCO for the company’s Pac-Man Pusher which is making its industry debut at EAG. John McKenzie, managing director, Bandai Namco Holdings (UK),completed the deal...

The prize is right for BANDAI NAMCO at EAS

BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Ltd. (BNAE) has expanded its range of licensed plush and gifts and is looking forward to unveiling the new line-up at the upcoming EAS show, including its new range of Shazam plush. Due for release in April 2019, Shazam is a new DC Comics film featuring Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) Zachary Levi, Mark Strong and Grace...

Numskull Designs announce The Quarter Arcades ‘PAC-MAN’ ¼ Scale Arcade Cabinet

PAC-MAN quarter
Numskull Designs is incredibly proud to team up with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment for the first in a series of Quarter Arcades exclusives! The world’s most recognisable video game ‘PAC-MAN’ has gone back to where it began with one of the most realistically-presented formats of the original platform. ‘PAC-MAN’ as a character inspired generations and the original game is still one...

Bandai Namco target 50 percent original IP split

Speaking at E3 to GameIndustry Biz, Herve Hoerdt, Bandai Namco European digital and marketing vice president, commented that the company is aiming for 50 percent of its portfolio to be original IPs as it looks to increase its footprint throughout western markets. An overall move from Bandai Namco to place original IPs at the forefront of its portfolio could have...

Disgraced Billy Mitchell makes statement after being stripped of arcade records

Billy Mitchell
Long-time arcade champion Billy Mitchell was stripped of his records last week in a shock ruling by Guinness World Records. The organisation decided Mitchell used unofficial means to achieve his legendary Donkey Kong high scores. Twin Galaxies, an American organisation that tracks video game world records, discovered he had used the wrong cabinet to attain the Donkey Kong high score -...