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Comment: More women in suits doesn’t mean less women in bikinis

In an excerpt from his Regulus Partners blog post “Time to discriminate as blanket criticism offers little comfort”, analysts Dan Waugh expresses concern that the Gambling Commission may be losing the trust of companies in the industry.   The use of promo girls has been a feature of ICE ever since I have been attending and - I am told -...

Our industry an economic opportunity, not a nuisance says Deirdre Wells OBE

deirdre wells obe industry
Deirdre Wells OBE, spent 20 years in government at the DCMS, before she became chief executive of Ukinbound. Speaking at bacta’s Fish and Chips on the Pier reception, she highlighted the strong links that exist between amusements and tourism.   “It is a real pleasure to be here tonight. This location is the living embodiment of our work as Associations :...

Comment: Let’s talk about responsible gambling

Ahead of Responsible Gambling Week, which will take place from 12-18 October, trade body chief executives and social responsibility group chairmen explain the importance of supporting and maximising the cross-industry campaign’s impact.   John Hagan, chairman of the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling, said: “Social responsibility is fundamental to the gambling industry’s approach, and we are all dedicated, year-round, to promoting responsible...

Timeless appeal makes rides a big deal says Gareth Jones

Coinslot - Kiddie Rides appeal
Consumers always vote with their feet, and Gareth Jones, product manager at Northern Leisure Group T/A Kiddy Rides, believes the evergreen appeal of kiddie rides helps keep the product range at the forefront of family plans, and operator profits.   How is current market performing? “We have recently seen an upturn in new rides sales. This category has always been consistent for...

Moving towards a seamless player experience

Coinslot - Cashless Solution Steve Short Bandai Namco experience
An increased focus on a streamlined user experience and retail-grade prizes has led to a redemption boom, according to sales manager at Bandai Namco, Steve Short, and going forward signs look just as positive.   What products, or innovations is Bandai Namco bringing to the redemption market? “BNAE has always innovated in this sector, because we could see the potential, for family...

Making the most of fertile market conditions

Coinslot - Market Tony Glanville
Tony Glanville, managing director, RLMS Sales, comments on the state of the UK redemption market, and the continued importance of prize offerings in the sector. And the future, it seems, is bright.   Redemption appears to be increasingly popular with consumers, why do you think this is? “Players want to be entertained and rewarded with prizes and redemption ticks both those boxes....

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals are ‘sucking the life out of pubs’ argues gaming expert

Coinslot - Fixed odds bacta pubs pub
Triennial Review of stakes and prizes needed to stem loss of machine income in pubs.   The pub fruit machine (AWP) is in the commercial equivalent of intensive care and unless the UK government addresses this in its triennial review of stakes and prizes, the prognosis could be terminal. The bleak outlook has been provided by Colm Taylor, whose company, CLMS,...

Amusements petition isn’t just child’s play

Coinslot - Derbyshire theme park Declan Salmon petition american adventure
A teenager’s petition to reopen a Derbyshire theme park has been receiving media attention for garnering over 7,500 signatures. But besides being a tale of industry and action, it represents an outlook often overlooked in forecasts, says Tom Rush.   When 18-year-old Declan Salmon started an online petition to reopen the former American Adventure park in Shipley, Derbyshire, he may well...

Gambling with life and death through the ages

Coinslot - BBC gambling insurance media watch
This week, the BBC are asking a very interesting question: why is there a perceived moral difference between gambling and insurance?   According to BBC reporter, Tim Hardford: “Almost a decade ago, I tried to place a bet with a leading UK betting shop that I would die within a year. They should have taken the bet - I am still...

Wetherspoon’s Tim Martin: “A budget for dinner parties”

Coinslot - Wetherspoon Tim Martin budget
Wetherspoons chief executive, Tim Martin, took the opportunity granted by the release of the pubco’s financial results to give his, less than positive, thoughts on the Chancellor’s recent budget speech.   The biggest danger to the pub industry is the continuing tax disparity between supermarkets and pubs, in respect of VAT and business rates. As previously indicated, we understand the need for...

Thomas on the flip side of the pound coin

Coinslot - Ivor Thomas pound coin
The new pound coin is expected to cost the industry millions of pounds, but some operators, such as Ivor Thomas’s Paul Thomas, are content to grin and bear the cost in the hope that new coins will prove to be as secure as advertised.   The 28 March, 2017 is a date firmly imprinted on the minds of everyone in coinop,...

Cloak and dagger report surrounding FOBTs

Coinslot - Opinion Report FOBTs
Joseph Ewens explores whether the allure of a secret report into FOBT crackdowns work wonders for the bookmakers?   The news this week that the bookmaking industry (or some portion of it) has funded a KPMG report into the effects of dropping FOBT stakes to £2 was never likely to be met with anything more than cynicism from the coin-op crowd,...

Gambling Commission report a mixed bag for coin-op

Coinslot - Gambling Commission Mixed bag Coinslot
The Gambling Commission’s latest report contains a mixed outlook for the coin-op community, says Tom Rush.   The Gambling Commission’s report released this week states that overall gambling participation has seen an overall increase of three percent, with 48 percent of people aged 16 or over having participated in at least one form of gambling in the past four weeks, although...

ABB’s continuing onslaught gaining traction

Coinslot - Onslaught ABB Opinion
The ABB’s onslaught of inflammatory statements continued this week and, as Joseph Ewens explains, it’s concerning that this strategy is starting to gain traction in the press.   This week has seen a continuation of the ABB’s verbal onslaught on the coin-op industry. When it began a few weeks ago, the ferocity of the rhetoric suggested that it was a last...

No time to widen the view on amusements industry

Coinslot view amusements industry
The amusements industry does not need another destructive review, argues Samuel Spencer. It just needs less fake views.   Marc Etches, chief executive of GambleAware, was in the Guardian this week saying we should stop talking specifically about FOBTs and focus on all problems throughout the industry. It reminded me of when I took my car to the garage to replace...

EAG suggests 2017 will be a year to remember

Coinslot EAG Expo
There were few people willing to make bold ambitious claims for 2017 at this year’s EAG, but almost everyone appeared to be forging ahead with a reassuringly positive approach. As is quite often the case, EAG provided us with a sign of how people feel about the year ahead. While some shows in recent years have been defiant, but a...


Ticket it, ideas out Praesepe’s CEO Nick Harding explains how the a wholesale commitment to the TITO during 2015 has paid dividends for the operator, and urges the rest of the industry to embrace the possibilities created by ticket play.   Coinslot: Were there any major new investments Praesepe made following EAG 2015? If so, how has this technology been received on...