Friday, January 28, 2022

Tag: Oasis

Oasis Retail Services hits £9m turnover milestone

Gaming and amusement firm Oasis Retail Services has seen its turnover grow to £9m according to a recently released financial report. For the year ending 31 December 2017, the company saw operating profit increase by eight percent to £2.4m and overall turnover grow by 6.3 percent. A statement accompanying the report read: “We are extremely pleased with the overall performance of...

Stung and looking for revenge? Derry council drafts new AGC policy following court defeat

Derry Wall
Derry Council did not take kindly to an appeal court recently overturning their attempts to block Oasis from opening an amusement arcade. So much so that the councillors have now decided to rewrite the rules. But even that, it seems, could be a contravention of the law. A new policy for granting amusement arcade permits has been created by the...

Music experts state Oasis appeal will ‘Live Forever’

Oasis have been crowned unofficial 'Kings of the Jukebox' following a spike in plays of the band’s signature anthem, Don’t Look Back In Anger.   The play data, which has been compiled by TouchTunes UK, the jukebox industry experts, saw the track once again re-enter the UK jukebox charts, 21 years after it was released as the fourth single from their...