Friday, September 25, 2020

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NSM’s new Co-Pilot software ready for 2020 take off

NSM Co-Pilot EAG
Pioneering jukebox manufacturer NSM Music have released more details on their new Co-Pilot software - describing it as a ‘digital cockpit for engineers, landlords and operators’.

The industry “needs to take control” argues NSM’s Kirby

NSM Alex Kirby Jukebox
After a 2019 packed full of success, it would be understandable for NSM Music to rest on their laurels at EAG 2020. with ‘Curve’, a new product that looks set to..

ACOS kick starts NSM’s 2020 vision

Alex Kirby NSM Music ACOS
For those ready to embrace changes in business, trend and technology, the year ahead is packed full of exciting opportunities, so says NSM Music's Alex Kirby.

NSM/MAB set for ‘Free Music’ trial

NSM MAB free music trial
NSM are taking a pioneering step with a free-to-play trial in partnership with pub big-boys Mitchells & Butler. A radical departure from the standard..

NSM reports impressive contactless sales

NSM Music
NSM are driving the cashless concept in music provision at venues across Britain and it’s making its mark. Alex Kirby prepares us for the ultimate question: “Did you really carry bits of metal and paper around with you? Leading jukebox manufacturer NSM Sales has announced Q1 sales figures which underline claims that a cashless Britain is closer than we might...

NSM duo a hit with leading trio

NSM Music
Three of the UK’s leading jukebox suppliers, each NSM customers for over thirty years, have joined forces to applaud the Leeds company’s newest releases - Thunder and Lightning. Bob Rudd’s Helena Rudd, York Coin’s Steve Elliott and TVC Leisure’s Adam Jenkins have united to sing the praises of NSM’s 2019 portfolio of product. As marketing director at one of the UK’s...

Record & Repeat: NSM aiming for second conversion high

NSM, jukebox, music, second conversion
Leading UK jukebox manufacturer, NSM Music, converted a record 2,000 units in 2018, but is hoping to top that impressive total in the twelve months ahead. The most recent figures show a clear trend within the industry as operators swing behind conversions as a way to add a new lease of life to seemingly tired digital music offerings - at...

N… N… N… N… Nineteen. NSM’s looking forward to another great year in music

Nineteen, NSM, music, jukebox
It’s been an impressive year for Leeds-based jukebox manufacturer NSM Music and Alex Kirby is buzzing about it. He tells Coinslot Review what the manufacturer has in store for the coming twelve months. A blossoming relationship with US based entertainment network, AMI; the sound of Thunder as the game-changing jukebox made its debut at ACOS; conversions moving on at an...

NSM bringing Thunder, Lightning and Icon to EAG

NSM, Thunder, Lightning, Icon, EAG
Leading jukebox manufacturer NSM are roaring into this year’s EAG with three show-stopping pieces of music innovation - jukeboxes Thunder and Lightning, and Icon, their impressive new background music system. Launched in October,NSM’s flagship jukebox Thunder is a contactless-enabled,operator- friendly music machine that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to thee ear. Thunder features an optional new lighting perimeter...

Putting the environment first: NSM go plastic free

Digital video jukebox, manufacturer, NSM, jukebox
Music, used to creating leading musical environments, has taken a forward-thinking approach to the global environment and gone plastic free. NSM’s Alex Kirby confirmed that his company will no longer despatch music and software updates via plastic CD. Talking to Coinslot about the environmentally friendly initiative, Kirby was keen to get the message across. "We came together as a group and...

NSM drives contactless and mobile functionality post ACOS

NSM, ACOS, payment models, events
With venues on the lookout for the ‘next big thing’ to increase footfall, NSM is following its successful showcase at ACOS by giving the operator what they want and enhancing its focus on efficiency-led tech and customer-led payment models. ACOS provided an ideal platform for the launch of NSM’s latest machine, Thunder, and with solid orders for both its new...

NSM double down with first ACOS debut

NSM Thunder Lightning double ACOS
NSM will be striking the same place twice at next week’s ACOS as it debuts its newest jukebox, Thunder, alongside the company’s Lightning machine which has struck a chord with operators this summer up and down the country...

Thunder always follows lightning: NSM to debut new jukebox at ACOS

Much like in a real storm, the Thunder model follows hot on the heels of the Lightning jukebox, which has already sparked a great deal of business over the summer months,and NSM’s latest model has been designed specifically to meet the needs of larger scale placements whilst maintaining the same competitive price point for which NSM is renowned. NSM Music...

NSM ready for the here and now

Coinslot NSM Music
  Bringing its modern jukebox solutions to the Irish Gaming Show as part of the Q Leisure stand, NSM’s presence was not to be underestimated despite its smaller show floor footprint.   Whilst the early year trade shows allow grandstands the space to showcase rafts of machine placements, Ireland's premier gaming expo provides those in attendance with a more focused, interpersonal space...

NSM continuing success after acquisition

nsm high
There’s reason to be cheerful at Leeds-based jukebox specialists, NSM Music, as the company counts a positive year for sales, conversions, and the successful implementation of cashless payment into its systems.   Following the acquisition by AMI, the company has quashed any rumours that it would be retiring the NSM Music brand, and has instead continued a rapid upward trajectory. “We promised,...

Sparks to fly in jukebox sector following AMI’s buy out of NSM

Coinslot Sparks NMI AMI
It’s all systems go in the jukebox world now, with added US investment and competitive spirit behind the UK’s two biggest suppliers. Joseph Ewens is looking forward to what the future holds for this sector.   2017 was already shaping up to be a pretty interesting year on many fronts, but it seems that we can now add the jukebox sector...

Maas: ‘There’s a UK market, it’s a unique market and we’re going to respect that’

Coinslot Maas UK Market Scotland
AMI Entertainment CEO Mike Maas, discusses the recent acquisition of NSM and what his immediate and future plans are for AMI’s new UK subsidiary.   The purchase of NSM Music by AMI Entertainment was a deal 10 years in the making, according to the latter’s CEO and president, Mike Maas. “I’ve known Gurbakhash for 10 years and we’ve had various...

Music, atmosphere, marketing

Coinslot, NSM, EAG, jukeboxes, Alex Kirby, music, Storm,
A long standing supporter of EAG International, NSM Music is planning an exciting presentation for visitors to stand 310 at EAG 2017.   NSM Music’s heritage stretches back to the middle of the last century and the company is aiming to build on that heritage and apply new technologies to design, develop and manufacture for the next generation of digital jukeboxes,...

Bacta in tune with PPL to achieve level playing field for operators

Coinslot bacta John White PPL
A bacta delegation comprising chief executive John White, David Gershlick and NSM’s Martin Agabeg, has met with the PPL in order to develop a co-ordinated plan of action to combat some, non-bacta operators who are failing to ensure publicans and other customers are complying with their legal licensing requirements. John White believes operators who are not policing the full licensing...