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Lightning strikes at Sims’ 50th

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Sims Automatics, Scotland’s largest independent operator of gaming and amusement equipment, and NSM Music, the UK’s leading jukebox manufacturer are uniting in celebration of two impressive milestones. 1969 might have been all about flower power, but it’s Glasgow-based Sims Automatics who have shown real staying power over the last 50 years - and this month installed their 500th NSM Music...

NSM Music launch Lightning, the next generation of digital jukebox

NSM Lightning
Designed with an industry wishlist of demands in-hand, NSM Music has launched Lightning into the jukebox market - striking success with both operators and music fans alike. Leeds-based jukebox manufacturer NSM Music has launched Lightning - the next generation of digital jukebox - into the marketplace,delivering on a wishlist of demands from operators around the country. Created with 100 percent new...

NSM ready for the here and now

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  Bringing its modern jukebox solutions to the Irish Gaming Show as part of the Q Leisure stand, NSM’s presence was not to be underestimated despite its smaller show floor footprint.   Whilst the early year trade shows allow grandstands the space to showcase rafts of machine placements, Ireland's premier gaming expo provides those in attendance with a more focused, interpersonal space...

NSM’s latest upgrade kits hit record high

nsm high
  Following a hugely successful ACOS Show, NSM Music sales have hit a record high with the company’s latest Sound Leisure upgrade kits.   Indeed, “Sound Leisure kit sales have gone through the roof”, according to sales manager Alex Kirby, who attributed the rise to an increase in performance and coin drop with jukeboxes upgraded by NSM’s new PC. “It’s like the razor...

NSM Music to offer payment plans for UK operators

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NSM Music, Europe’s biggest manufacturer of digital jukeboxes, has introduced payment plans for UK operators.   Amidst increasing jukebox sales, conversions and upgrades, along the introduction of cashless payment on its machines,  NSM believes its ‘spread the cost’ sales model will appeal across the UK market. All NSM Music’s jukebox models will now be covered by simplified payment plans, which start at...

NSM Music offers key upgrade and conversion

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NSM Music has announced an enhanced conversion and upgrade for the Sound Leisure MIM and V Hub 32” models.   “Initially we offered a new hard drive and memory upgrade, bringing enormous benefits,” says NSM Music Sales Manager Alex Kirby. “But now we’ve gone a step further, with the option to add a completely new PC.” Alex says that upgrading means users...

AMI Entertainment sold to US investment firm

Coinslot - AMI NSM US investment firm
After acquiring NSM Music Group earlier this year, AMI Entertainment Network has in turn been bought off itself by the investment firm Gores Group in a bid to further expand into the digital jukebox market.   AMI Entertainment Network, the parent company of NSM Music Group, has been acquired by a US investment firm. On 27 July, the Gores Group (headquarters pictured),...

AMI rolls out US mobile jukebox app updates

Coinslot - AMI NSM Music Mobile app
New mobile apps from AMI have been released across America and additional new tech could see them reach the UK in coming months.   The new owners of NSM Music, American’s AMI, has been ramping up the use of mobile technology by its jukebox customers over the past few years and has now announced the integration of two new features into...

Maas welcomes incoming millennial jukebox impact

Coinslot - Millennial Mike Maas AMI Entertainment
The CEO of AMI Entertainment - new owners of NSM Music - Mike Maas, explains his belief that the jukebox market is primed and ready for the incoming horde of millennial customers.   Although he is hesitant to use the broad, catch-all term, AMI’s Mike Maas currently has ‘millennials’ on the brain. A cohort defined as those, “reaching young adulthood in...

Maas: ‘There’s a UK market, it’s a unique market and we’re going to respect that’

Coinslot Maas UK Market Scotland
AMI Entertainment CEO Mike Maas, discusses the recent acquisition of NSM and what his immediate and future plans are for AMI’s new UK subsidiary.   The purchase of NSM Music by AMI Entertainment was a deal 10 years in the making, according to the latter’s CEO and president, Mike Maas. “I’ve known Gurbakhash for 10 years and we’ve had various...

AMI Entertainment Network purchase NSM Music Group

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U.S. based entertainment network to invest in innovations for European Jukebox market. A major shift in the dynamics of the European jukebox industry has seen the acquisition of NSM Music Group Ltd. by US-based AMI Entertainment Network, a leading provider of music and video entertainment solutions to the nightclub and bar industry. AMI has been designing and manufacturing jukeboxes for almost...

NSM Music’s Alex Kirby: Staying current is key

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NSM Music’s Alex Kirby goes in depth on what his company is offering the current crop of jukebox operators.   Coinslot: How can operators ensure that their jukeboxes continue to generate revenue all year round?                                                    Alex Kirby: We need to use the ever-changing technology to best effect. Our Icon Storm was a great example of a jukebox design that was a...

The boom is set to continue for NSM Music

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It’s been quite a twelve months for NSM. As it draws to a close they reflect on achievements of past years and look forward to what they can offer the current-day customer. NSM Music say 2016 was their busiest year since the CD jukebox era began. Sales climbed when the company launched the icon Storm in January, and then just...