Thursday, May 19, 2022

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Novomatic Gaming UK’s Thaumic cabinet turns heads at EAG

Novomatic Gaming UK NGUK EAG 2022 Thaumic cabinet
Despite a stuttering start to 2022 due to Omicron, Novomatic Gaming UK pulled out all the stops to ensure that its presence at EAG would be unforgettable, the company’s director of sales Kevin Temple explains.

NGUK set to bring a little Magic to EAG

Novomatic Gaming UK EAG 2022 Magic Games Premium
Novomatic Gaming UK are geared up and ready for a successful EAG next week. The company will be showcasing is new Thaumic cabinet which has been optimised to support both B3 and Cat C product. The cabinet will be presented with the Magic Games Premium HD Cat C 24 game pack, featuring three new titles, Go for Coins, Lucky Chance, and Go for Gold.

Crown debuts Thaumic gaming terminal and Lets Go Bingo pusher at ACOS

Dean Harding Crown Leisure Lets Go Bingo pusher ACOS 2021
Proving to be Crown’s jewels at this year’s ACOS, Thaumic from Novomatic and Lets Go Bingo pusher garnered plenty of interest at their first ever outing, with Dean Harding, managing director at Crown Leisure, commenting on strong sales and the all-round good mood in the air at the ILEC Conference Centre.

Perpetual innovation: There’s plenty more Magic from NOVOMATIC!

Kevin Temple Novomatic UK NGUK Magic Games Novoline
Kevin Temple, Director of Sales at NOVOMATIC Gaming UK, talks to Coinslot about the Magic Games™ product dynasty and “the perpetual innovation” that’s driving the gaming giant forward. Timely really, as NOVOMATIC are gearing up for the post-Covid expo season, so we have had a peek into what the market will be seeing for 2022 and beyond.

Novomatic: Magic Games’ platform soon to be end of life

Novomatic Magic Games platform support to end
Novomatic Gaming UK (NGUK) has issued an end of life notice for the original Magic Games and Magic Lotto platform, Booksize PC, which has become beyond economic repair for the manufacturer.