Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tag: Northampton

Playhouse opens in city centre

Northampton arcade bar Playhouse
A new arcade bar has opened in Northampton, offering locals something “new, exciting, and genuinely different,” in a former Revolution Bar on Bridge Street.

Councils continue to play prohibitionist politics instead of following policy

Councils play prohibitionist politics amusements centre AGC licences
More and more local councils are taking the moral high ground when it comes to gambling and amusement centre licences. The only problem is, it’s too often their own personal morals. The law sets out exactly what the parameters are, so why do some councillors still object rather than learn about the gaming centre offerings?

Heritage Northampton building to be repurposed as AGC

Heritage Northampton building to be repurposed as AGC
A former Nationwide bank in Northampton is to be converted into an AGC, after West Northamptonshire Council approved plans put forward by operator Star MK Ltd.

Gravity Active Entertainment opens £3.2m Northampton site

Gravity Active Entertainment Northampton
Gravity Active Entertainment’s new £3.2m Northampton activity centre has opened its doors, despite facing delays to completion caused by Storm Ciara

360 Play expands to Northampton

360 Play, expansion, Northampton, FEC, chain
The expansion of FEC chain 360 Play is set to continue, with work already underway on a seventh location. A 20,000 square foot unit in Northampton’s Rushden Lakes Shopping Centre will be home to the new play-centre, which will boast dodgems, a carousel, SPI’s Global Play’s multi- tiered play frame, and the brand’s trademark “360 Street” play area, complete with...

It’s a full house as soap star Steve visits Beacon

Coinslot - Steve MCFadden beacon
Soap star Steve McFadden raised the roof when he appeared in front of legions of EastEnders fans at the Beacon Bingo club in Northampton.   Steve McFadden, who first appeared on TV screens in 1988, agreed to take time out of his busy filming schedule to pop in, take selfies with the customers, and call the first game of the night. He...