Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tag: North West AGM

Election and Brexit big topics at North West AGM

Coinslot - bacta AGM
Bacta’s North West AGM provided operators in the area and further afield with a forum to discuss key issues in the industry before the summer season.   The upcoming general election and the impact of Brexit were big talking points at this year’s North West AGM, Joe Pritchard, chairman of the regional association, said. Pritchard, who is also managing director of Maggi...

North West AGM to provide important industry forum

Coinslot - AGM bacta
Positioned in the wake of the larger London showcases, and on the doorstep of the summer season, the bacta North West Region’s annual general meeting provides operators, both in the area and further afield, with a crucial forum for discussion.   There will be a national feel to Bacta’s North West Regional AGM next month with the association’s chief executive, John...