Monday, May 23, 2022

Tag: non-essential retail

Bacta lays out plans for post-Covid campaign issues

Bacta outlines post covid plans
Trade association Bacta has outlined the key themes in its post- Covid lobbying campaign with tax concessions and long term support topping the agenda over the coming year

High price for government roadmap: Delayed AGC opening will cost the sector £40 million in lost income

AGCs not reopening with retail
Estimates calculate the decision to keep AGCs closed for an extra five weeks until May 17 will cost the industry over £1.2 million in turnover each day. For a sector already on its knees after almost a year of closure, the notion that AGCs are not as Covid reliable as betting shops is proving to be an expensive piece of regulatory idiocy.

Legal battle for early reopening of pubs and restaurants fast-tracked in court

Sascha Lord legal challenge pubs restaurants
While the roadmap says 17 May for the reopening of pubs and restaurants, Sacha Lord is hoping to have them open as soon as possible, with his legal challenge being expedited through court despite Matt Hancock’s “stalling tactics”.

Bacta mounts legal challenge against government on AGC’s delayed reopening

Bacta legal challenge DWF Law
While bookmakers and other non-essential retail businesses prepare to open on 12 April, Bacta has decided to take legal action over the unfair, and in the trade association’s opinion “illegal”, decision to delay AGC’s from reopening until 17 May.