Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Sector to play lead role in high street recovery

Kate Nicholls UKHospitality high street regeneration
The government has unveiled a strategy that places hospitality and leisure at the heart of high street regeneration - is it at last taking the sector seriously and how to turn words into actions?

Johnson announces vaccine passport for nightclubs

Vaccine passport nightclubs
In what Night-Time Industries Association boss Michael Kill calls “yet another chaotic U-turn”, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the government’s intention to implement a vaccine passport for nightclubs - and potentially for pubs. Anyone else on conveyor belt?

Spending spree is on the cards as UK household savings reach record high

UK household savings reach record high
The broadly-based hospitality, entertainment and leisure sectors can take some confidence in the latest data set produced by the Office for National Statistics which showed the household saving ratio rising sharply to a record high of 16.3 percent in 2020.