Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Pubs are in the firing line as Nicola Sturgeon looks to extend Scotland’s vaccine passport rules

Scottish hospitalility covid
The Scottish Government has produced no evidence to show that limiting the hospitality sector is leading to reduced rates of Covid infection, in fact, UKHospitality Scotland believes the opposite is true as people socialise at home, away from well-run businesses and in confined spaces.

A breath of fresh air: DCMS confirms masks not required for arcades and FECs

mask rules DCMS confirmation
The industry has received confirmation from DCMS that England’s arcades and FECs are exempt from new government mask rules, but as has become normal practice, there are mixed returns north of the border.

Scottish Government ignores concerns to vote in favour of Covid passport

Nicola Sturgeon Covid Passports
Scotland has ploughed ahead with Covid passports despite cross-party criticism and concerns from the hospitality sector, but will they follow English U-turn?

Dis-United Kingdom unveils the longest road to freedom

Boris Johnson Freedom Day
If there’s one thing that unites this Kingdom, it’s the fact that it’s anything but United. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all opted for freedom day, but not on the same day as one another. The relaxation of Covid restrictions will come into effect on July 19, July 26, August 7 and August 9 across the four countries of the UK, leaving an uneven and unequal roadmap to recovery. Welcome to the new normal.

Now’s the time to Build a Bonfire of EU red tape

EU red tape off the record
OTR asks what’s motivating the pugnacious Nicola Sturgeon, why weddings are limited to 30 guests but it’s possible to have 2,000 VIPs at a football match and lists the politicians that would be on ‘ignore’.

Scottish venues snookered by June 24 reopening

Scotland snooker venues baffled
Pool and snooker venues across Scotland have branded the decision by the Scottish government to delay reopening venues until 7 June - three weeks after other indoor leisure businesses - as “absolutely silly.”

More questions than answers as Scotland sets the date

Nicola Sturgeon Scotland AGCs lockdown reopening
Scotland will release AGCs from lockdown on May 17, in line with their English counterparts. But questions still remain, and not just north of the border; down south siting Cat D machines on forecourts has become a subject of keen interest.

Bingo Association puts pressure on Scottish government

bingo association scotland player petition
The Bingo Association has called on members to write to Nicola Sturgeon in order to keep bingo halls open, noting that one in ten club members can’t imagine life without bingo.

Cohesive confusion: Wales re-opens whilst England and Scotland tightens reins

lockdown restrictions England Wales Scotland
Continuing on its saga of devolved daftness, Wales has now come out of lockdown, enabling adult gaming centres in the principality to reopen, whilst the entire nation of England technically remains locked up until the end of the month, and Scotland has added three more councils to its tier 3 resulting in more AGCs closing up.

From rave to the grave: Blackpool becomes ghost town as it enters Tier Three lockdown

Blackpool tourism Tier 3 lockdown
One seaside resort surfing so many waves in such a short space of time. Last week saw Blackpool’s tide ride out to sea as the government smacked the resort down with crushing Tier 3 Covid lockdown. Coinslot reports on how the jewel of north west tourism is coping following a diktat from Westminster and a good kicking from Nicola Sturgeon.

Lock-mess: Scotland locked down in all but name

Nicola Sturgeon Scotland hospitality lockdown
Scotland’s hospitality sector needed more draconian Covid measures like a hole in the head. Instead, many businesses suggest Nicola Sturgeon has misfired with a killshot right through the heart of the wide based industry.

Sturgeon steps-in to hand tourist tax debate to national consultation

Nicola Sturgeon
At the Scottish Tourism Alliance conference this week, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon entered the long-running debate on the country’s need for a tourist levy, taking the issue out of council hands, and putting it up for a national consultation. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced that there is to be a national consultation on councils getting the power to...

Scottish independence: Once more with feeling

Coinslot - Nicola Sturgeon Scottish Independence
Nicola Sturgeon has fired the starting pistol on the process that will see Scotland vote on independence once more, and this time it may be in the economic interests of the country to do so, says Tom Rush.   Scotland will once more hold a referendum over its position within the United Kingdom, but now with the added issue of membership...