Sunday, November 28, 2021

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A price too high? Plans to roll affordability checks into wider review of gambling seen as a slight to GamCom

Affordability Checks YouGov
Informed newspaper reports are suggesting that afford ability checks are to be included as part of the Gambling Review and subject to deeper, evidence-based scrutiny, a move which has been welcomed by the industry but will disappoint the regulator.

Neil McArthur resigns as Gambling Commission CEO

Neil McArthur Gambling Commission
Lasting almost three years as chief executive of the Gambling Commission, Neil McArthur has resigned from his duties at the regulator, which will now start recruitment for an interim CEO

Commission implements online slot crackdown

Commission implements online slot crackdown digital casino
New regulations effective later this year will see bans placed on digital casino products offering hyper-fast slot spins, as well as autoplay and reverse withdrawal features.

No ‘fooks’ given: Eason lays in to Gambling Commission on regulatory inaction

Ian Eason Instance Automatics Gambling Commission licence
Instance Automatics director Ian Eason has called out the regulator for sitting idle on black-market dealers - whilst simultaneously stonewalling legitimate licensees.

Gambling Commission says industry is “exaggerating” the black market threat

Neil McArthur Gambling Commission says industry is “exaggerating” the black market threat
The regulator’s Neil McArthur claims a recent industry-backed report intentionally misleads legislators on the threat of unlicensed operators - in an effort to mitigate the prospect of tightening regulation.

Be vigilant through lockdown, McArthur warns big betting

Neil McArthur lockdown betting warning
Betting chiefs received a stern word from the head of the Gambling Commission this week, with a note reminding them of their heightened obligations to vulnerable customers throughout the period of lockdown.

McArthur strikes conciliatory tone for Safer Gambling Week

Neil McArthur UKGC Gambling Commission Safer Gambling Week
The UKGC head honcho has acknowledged the challenges faced by operators throughout the pandemic, and said the industry’s commitment to social responsibility

Regulatory “shock-wave” imminent in the form of affordability checks, says Clifton

David Clifton caution affordability checks
The co-founder of the Clifton Davies Consultancy firm has cautioned that unprecedented player affordability checks may just be around the corner for online operators… but have the potential to spill over to the landed sector.

Gambling Commission publishes forward looking strategy report

Neil McArthur National Strategic Assessment report GC
The regulator’s head Neil McArthur said that the publication of its first ever National Strategic Assessment demonstrated that the watchdog would go “further and faster” than ever before in cracking down on problem gambling.

Commission starts search for ‘lived experience advisors’

Gambling Commission lived experience advisors
It’s an initiative that raised at least one, if not both eyebrows when unveiled by Gambling Commission chief executive Neil McArthur earlier this year, and the search is now on for lived experience advisors to join a special research unit charged by the regulator to ensure a deeper understanding of the social intricacies of gambling addiction.

Gambling Commission partners with Facebook

Gambling Commission Facebook partnership
The Gambling Commission has partnered with Facebook to create guidance aimed at limiting the number of gambling-related adverts users see on the social media platform.

Commission launches National Lottery licence competition

Neil McArthur Gambling Commission National Lottery licence
The Gambling Commission has launched the competition to award the fourth National Lottery licence.

And the Lords said: “There is no need to wait … time for action” on new gambling legislation

social and economic impact gambling lords report
The House of Lords Select Committee report on the Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry has been released.

Experts By Experience project is narrow, proscriptive and threatens objective regulation argues Gambling Business Group

Neil McArthur Gambling Commission Experts by experience project
The Gambling Commission’s experts by experience initiative has come under attack from key figures of the industry who argue that it’s a major step towards regulation through lobby group rather than through the law. The introduction of experts, many drawn from the...

Gambling in decline: Participation stats fall despite fears of lockdown temptation

Gambling decline during lockdown YouGov Survey
Contrary to much of the alarmist rhetoric, the latest YouGov data has clearly shown that gambling uptake, play-time and spend has fallen throughout the shelter-in-place order.

Commission issues new guidelines for online operators in lockdown

GC data online gambling during lockdown
The Gambling Commission has said new data suggests a hike in spend and playtime on gambling sites since the introduction of lockdown, prompting it to tighten regs on digital operators.

Under-fire Commission admits problem gambling is low and stable

Neil McArthur Gambling Commission problem gambling
A rather sheepish Neil McArthur, CEO of the Gambling Commission, and a somewhat more assertive Sarah Healey, Permanent Secretary of the DCMS, took questions from MPs this week in a hearing about the recent National Audit Office report. Their answer: Problem gambling rates are low, stable, and hard to research further due to a lack of detrimental impact on health and society.

Payment provider brands credit card ban “overrated”

PXP Financial Credit Card ban overrated
The credit card ban on gambling came into effect this week, and whilst most acknowledge its good intent, its impact in an ever-evolving payments environment might dissipate as purchasing options go helter-skelter. Payment provider PXP Financial examined the initiative.

No leeway for operators, states Commission

Neil McArthur Gambling Commission
As a woefully unprepared world attempts to clamp down on the fast-spreading Coronavirus, the Gambling Commission is threatening to clamp down on the industry.

GC to draw “Experts by Experience” into decision making process

Gambling Commission
Going on the aggressive as operators scramble to keep any semblance of normal business, the Gambling Commission has published a 2020/21 Business Plan that..

National Audit Office: Gambling Commission numbers don’t add up?

National Audit Office NAO Gambling Commission
A key finding of the National Audit Office’s highly critical report of the British gambling regulator is that there continues to be broad gaps in its..

UK “sleep-walking” towards new Gambling Act, says analyst

Dan Waugh Regulus Partners
Gambling consultants Regulus Partners have rung an alarm bell following an outing by Gambling Commission CEO Neil McArthur two weeks ago, after an..

Gambling Commission: McArthur defends National Strategy in APPG hearing

Neil McArthur Gambling Commission
The Gambling Commission found themselves under fire last week when the top dogs turned up at Westminster for a Q&A with the All-Party Parliamentary Group. It certainly wasn’t a love-in between the two stakeholders as Chris Webster discovered.

Gambling Commission: “..determination to make gambling safer…”

Neil McArthur Gambling Commission
The Gambling Commission chief executive Neil McArthur delivered the keynote speech at last week’s CMS Gambling Conference. And what a speech..

Gambling Commission reaches out to operators to head up new focus group initiative

Neil McArthur Gambling Commission operator focus group
In an unprecedented move, the Gambling Commission has teamed up with some of the biggest businesses in betting and gaming to form three bespoke focus group

“Progress has been made”

Neil McArthur progress gaming commission development
Taking encouragement from the industry’s continued strengthening of its social responsibility commitments, Gambling Commission CEO Neil McArthur looked..

McArthur calls for industry-led game design code

McArthur industry led design code
While praising the industry for progress made with social responsibility measures, Neil McArthur, CEO of the Gambling Commission, also set the industry..

McArthur lauds use of tech to combat harm

McArthur tech harm
At a speech at London’s Southbank Centre, Gambling Commission CEO Neil McArthur commended the use of technological solutions to improve player safety, but..

Industry to unite for Responsible Gambling Week

Responsible Gambling Week
The year’s Responsible Gambling Week will see the industry come together to stage the largest ever campaign to promote safer gambling practices in the UK..

Gambling Commission and Samaritans to develop new guidance for operators

Social Responsibility GambleAware Samaritans
Digging up research from 2007, GambleAware commissioned a report that shows a link between suicide and problem gambling, prompting the Gambling Commission..