Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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Record breaking six months spurs NSM to spread the joy with ‘Buy now, pay later’ plan

NSM Music have enjoyed their best ever start to the year, picking up a host of new contracts during the spring pub tender process. So what better way to celebrate the success than to share it with their customers through the launch of a new ‘Buy now, pay later’ promotion.

TouchTunes laud its Tempo online tool; a ‘time and money saver’

Tempo Soundnet Touchtunes Jason Jarrett AMS
Smart operators are finding that their Tempo online management tool can save them time and money in reducing unnecessary site visits to manage their jukebox estate. So says TouchTunes and some of their key operators.

Alex Kirby: It’s been an “incredible” six months for NSM’s Lightning and Curve jukeboxes

NSM Music Co-Pilot app
On the eve of EAG, Coinslot caught up with Alex Kirby, NSM’s sales manager, to discuss the firm’s innovative Co-Pilot app, together with what’s driving the success of its Lightning and Curve jukeboxes.

Customers keep the Christmas music playing with Soundnet TouchTunes

Angelina jukebox Soundnet TouchTunes december data
Soundnet TouchTunes has reported a “surprisingly robust” December for its jukeboxes, with data revealing there was no danger of a silent night before Christmas.

Ed and shoulders above the rest

Soundnet TouchTunes Ed Sheeran tops jukebox most played charts
Soundnet and TouchTunes have released their combined music play charts for 2021 and it appears that brand new releases combined with a strong back catalogue are best when it comes to the UK pub-goers music tastes.

Cashless moves into jukebox sector: GPT signs integration agreement with NSM Music

Cashless jukebox GPT signs integration agreement with NSM Music
Jukebox manufacturer NSM Music has signed an integration partnership with Game Payment Technology, hailing the GPT app as “the perfect tool to keep customers selecting their favourite music.”

TouchTunes: Are we getting better at sharing?

Soundnet TouchTunes Angelina Jukebox
With a growing number of operators signing up to TouchTunes’ 18 percent revenue sharing option, Toby Hoyte of Soundnet TouchTunes believes the payment model has truly proven its worth over the last two years.

NSM Music makes “fantastic” return to ACOS 2021

Alex Kirby NSM Music ACOS 2021
Despite a prolonged trade-show hiatus, NSM Music fell quickly back into the rhythm at ACOS 2021, with sales manager Alex Kirby stating from day one that “it was a fantastic show.”

Soundnet/Touchtunes agrees ACOS order for 100 jukeboxes

Touchtunes Soundnet Angelina jukebox orders acos
The Angelina jukebox continued to make a mark for Soundnet/Touchtunes at ACOS this year, with an order for 100 of the high-spec models signed during the two-day event.

Adventure Island confirms line-up for Island Fest

Adventure Island confirms line-up Island Fest
Adventure Island has announced some of the local acts taking part in its inaugural Island Fest music and arts festival, set to take place across the Southend park on 4 September.

Music to our ears: NSM launches all-new mobile app for jukeboxes

NSM Music App
Designed to get more users, more engagement, and even more jukebox revenue, the NSM Music app has been launched by the jukebox manufacturer to replace its My Jukebox app.

Bacta Music Users Group agree fee rebate with PPL

PPL fees Bacta Music Group David Gershlick
The recently formed Music Users Group at Bacta has negotiated a fee rebate from PPL for its members. covering the period of lockdown.

NSM Music sees sharp rise in subscriptions and jukebox sales ahead of Britain’s reopening

Alex Kirby NSM Music reopening sales
As Brits prepare to get back to the boogey in pubs, clubs and bars across the country, NSM Music have been as busy as ever supplying the beats and the boxes - including the company’s latest Curve model - to anticipation-filled operators as they prepare their venues for 18 months of pent-up party. Sales manager Alex Kirby talks to Coinslot about the return to action.

Freedom day delay: Ian Eason / Louise Austin / Leigh Smith / Toby Hoyte

Freedom Day delay Ian Eason Louise Austin Leigh Smith Toby Hoyte
Ian Eason: “Another kick in the balls for the supply chain”

NSM Music: How connectivity has changed the jukebox forever

Alex Kirby NSM Music Jukebox
The UK’s increasingly broad internet coverage has enabled jukebox manufacturer NSM to change the way operators, venue managers, and customers interact with its products, with its newest model the Curve featuring contactless payments, a management app, and an app for picking your favourite tunes. Alex Kirby explains all.

Music was my first love, but will it be my last? SBPA urges music ban reversal

Beer Jukebox SBPA
The Scottish Beer and Pub Association has called for the government to overturn its music ban in the country’s hospitality venues, attributing a 20 percent decline in trade to the policy.

PPL PRS suspend music licence payment during lockdown

PPL PRS suspend music licence
PPL PRS has suspended payments for music licences in pubs across the UK for the period venues are closed due to government decreed Coronavirus precautions.

Simon Atkinson’s – My TouchTunes

Simon Atkinson Tamar Gaming
After Gary Whitty’s globe trotting adventure ending in the North of England, this week we head to the South West of the country with Simon Atkinson..

Roll-out the Barrel: TouchTunes move the dial with creative jukebox experience

Touchtunes Fusion Music System Barrell edition
The prize for the most creative product on show at EAG 2020 must surely go to Soundnet/TouchTunes whose ‘Fusion Music System Barrel Edition’

Milestones In Music and the Angelina to take centre stage at EAG

Angelina Music EAG Toby Hoyte
Toby Hoyte, of Soundnet TouchTunes, explains how Soundnet and Sound Leisure are helping operators to make the most from their music offering

Music makes the world buy rounds

TouchTunes Music Sound Leisure
The UK’s most popular jukebox songs and artists show why customer spend and dwell time are in perfect harmony. Sound Leisure and TouchTunes explain why.

NSM Set For 2000 Conversions In 2019

NSM Music Jukebox Conversion
Leading jukebox manufacturer NSM Music look set to convert just over two thousand Sound Leisure units in 2019, the highest total of upgrades in their 70+ year history.

NSM/MAB set for ‘Free Music’ trial

NSM MAB free music trial
NSM are taking a pioneering step with a free-to-play trial in partnership with pub big-boys Mitchells & Butler. A radical departure from the standard..

Hospitality chiefs unite to launch legal claim against PPL tariff hike

Hospitality dj
Trade heads for the UK’s hospitality industry are citing a prospective 130 per cent rise in the cost of live music as unsustainable - and are appealing to..

NSM reports impressive contactless sales

NSM Music
NSM are driving the cashless concept in music provision at venues across Britain and it’s making its mark. Alex Kirby prepares us for the ultimate question: “Did you really carry bits of metal and paper around with you? Leading jukebox manufacturer NSM Sales has announced Q1 sales figures which underline claims that a cashless Britain is closer than we might...

Nigel French’s My TouchTunes

Leaving the cool 90s cassette collection of Parveen Sharma behind we enter springtime in the UK with the warmer tone of vinyl as Nigel French, Business Development Manager at Sound Leisure, steps up to the plate. Combining classic 45s from the 60s with era-defining LPs from the decades following, this selection of melodious memories is also the first in...

Record & Repeat: NSM aiming for second conversion high

NSM, jukebox, music, second conversion
Leading UK jukebox manufacturer, NSM Music, converted a record 2,000 units in 2018, but is hoping to top that impressive total in the twelve months ahead. The most recent figures show a clear trend within the industry as operators swing behind conversions as a way to add a new lease of life to seemingly tired digital music offerings - at...

N… N… N… N… Nineteen. NSM’s looking forward to another great year in music

Nineteen, NSM, music, jukebox
It’s been an impressive year for Leeds-based jukebox manufacturer NSM Music and Alex Kirby is buzzing about it. He tells Coinslot Review what the manufacturer has in store for the coming twelve months. A blossoming relationship with US based entertainment network, AMI; the sound of Thunder as the game-changing jukebox made its debut at ACOS; conversions moving on at an...

Verve Radio is music to the ears of Britain’s gaming operators

Verve Radio, music, Praesepe
Designed to foster communication, advertising and unique promotions to customers and staff across the UK gaming industry, former Praesepe man, Chris Drake, has launched Verve In-House Broadcasting Ltd, amplifying both the music and the message for brands in one easy package. Described by Nick Harding, senior advisor to the Gauselmann Group, as “the most powerful marketing tool” he’s ever worked...

Tony Garlick’s My TouchTunes

Angelina, pub, jukebox, touchtones
Following on from Paul Valente’s school of rock, this week sees Tony Garlick, Business Manager at Sound Leisure, span decades with his perfect playlist. Ranging from the swinging sixties through to now, Tony’s love of music shines through in his list of all-time classics, era defining pioneers and nifty sax solos... Music and the amusement industry have defined Tony’s life...