Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Mr P’s and the cost of being classic

Mr Ps Classic Amusements Bognor FEC
The industry’s move towards redemption has saved many operators from ruin over the last two decades, but those that have stayed faithful to the classic fruit machine are now swimming upstream.

Mr P’s Kent AGC cannot open due to staff shortage

Mr P's Classic Amusements Kent staff shortage
Mr P’s Classic Amusements cannot open its Kent AGC due to a staff shortage that is being felt across the country.

Mr P’s Classic Amusements ready for a grand reopening

Mr Ps classic Amusements reopening
Reflecting on the highs and lows of three lockdowns over the last year, Mr P’s Classic Amusements owners Dave and Amelia Douglas detailed how they have been working tirelessly to have their venues ready for a grand reopening on 17 May.

Mr P’s plans renovation for 300 year old arcade building

Mr Ps Classic Amusements plans renovation
Mr P’s Classic Amusements has announced that its Maidstone AGC, Reel Fruits, will receive a makeover - subject to conservation approval.

Mr P’s hopes summer spending stays ‘in house’

Mr Ps Classic Amusements
Mr P’s Classic Amusements is looking forward to the end of what it hopes will be the last lockdown, and the start of a summer of ‘in house’ spending by the British public.

Mr P’s: Second lockdown puts leisure business in the “fight of its life”

Mr Ps Classic Amusements
In its regular update to “nudger” fans of Mr P’s Classic Amusements, the management team reflected on “the very dark time” the leisure trade currently finds itself in. And it’s one that many of its industry colleagues will share.

Mr P’s: Another lockdown will push businesses to the brink

Mr P's Classic Amusements Mr Ps
After clearing out several permanently closed down operators over the last few months, Mr P’s Classic Amusements has seen the devastation Covid and lockdowns can bring - and it’s not looking forward to another one.

“Another lockdown would kill almost every business”, says Mr P’s

another lockdown warning Mr Ps Classic Amusements
Despite momentum starting to build back up in its arcades that are open, Mr P’s Classic Amusements believes another lockdown would kill almost every one of its businesses.

Mr P’s back and busy, but with circa £100,000 lost to lockdown

Mr P's Classic Amusements
Mr P’s Bognor Regis FEC has been “strikingly busy” since re-opening on 4th July, with the operator thanking “fantastic visitors” and support from its loyal customers.

Mr P’s eyes further expansion after Bognor success

Mr P's Classic Amusements
After a turbulent start to 2019, Mr P’s is aiming for “calmer seas” in 2020, with the operator’s Bognor Regis FEC picking up steam in the summer and building an engaged fanbase to keep it ticking along through the colder months

Mr P’s aims to prove strong customer service pays off

Mr P's classic amusements strong customer service
Over the past few decades many arcades have tried and failed in Tonbridge, Kent, but Mr P’s Classic Amusements is thriving.

Mr P’s puts customers and community first for seaside success

Bognor Regis Mr P's Classic Amusements
Though Mr P’s Classic Amusements Bognor Regis only opened its doors to customers on 16 March, the traditional venue proves that a well-considered offering..

New jewel in the crown: Mr P’s to move into former Monmarch Amusements site in Bognor

Bognor Regis
The expansion of legacy amusement specialist Mr P’s Classic Amusements throughout the south of England is to see the company open a third branch within the former site of Monarch Amusements in Bognor Regis, the company has confirmed. Clues released on social media had previously tipped Bognor as the general vicinity of the new acquisition, but Mr P’s owners Dave...