Friday, December 3, 2021

Tag: Mr P’s Amusement

Mr P’s confirms “ambitious” growth plans

Mr Ps Maidstone Reel Fruits to reopen
Mr P’s Amusements has confirmed a number of “ambitious projects” are being undertaken across its retail estate, as the company prepares to reopen Maidstone Reel Fruits “with all belts and braces.”

Mr P’s annual summer party celebrates post lockdown life

Mr Ps Classic Amusements annual party Bognor
Mr P’s Classic Amusements held its annual summer party in its Bognor FEC on 28 August, catching up for lost time after last year’s cancellation.

Mr P’s defer bill payments as banks come up short

Mr Ps Classic Amusements banks payments
Like every arcade in Britain, Mr P’s is closed for business but still has bills to pay after receiving little to no help from banks. Remaining positive, the operator advised its Facebook followers to stay home, and once it’s all over, to shop British

Mr P’s seaside adventure set for Bognor Regis

Bognor Regis
After announcing clues such as “Abba had a hit with the square” and “If it’s fit for a King, then it has to be our thing” over the last few months, Mr P’s Classic Amusements has finally revealed enough information to determine the location of its new seaside FEC - Bognor Regis. Indeed, King George V’s favourite south coast town,...

Mr P’s set for “big seaside arcade adventure”

Mr P's Classic Amusements
It’s not just tourists heading to the coast this summer, but operators too, with Mr P’s Classic Amusements set to launch a new seaside FEC in the near future. But where will it be? The ‘Mr P’s Classic Amusements’ brand is going to expand into the seaside sector, with owners Dave and Amelia Douglas set to announce the new venue’s...

Mr P’s classics take centre stage with Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher
After allowing the band’s photographer to shoot videos inside its AGC, operator Mr P’s Classic Amusements has witnessed its “legendary” machines on tour with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, proving that classic is the original cool. “I lost my faith in the summertime,‘cause it don’t stop raining,” belts Noel Gallagher to an audience in Paris, as machines from Mr P’s...

“Surprisingly strong” start for Mr P’s new AGC

With two sites already performing well in Tonbridge and Maidstone, Mr P’s Classic Amusements has launched another AGC site in Chatham, prompting a visit from both classic game fans - and classic game creators.   Mr P’s Classic Amusements launched its new AGC in Chatham on 17 March, making a “surprisingly strong” start despite “plenty of machine issues along the way”. Owners...