Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Mr Do Space Rocks

Park Avenue: Good people, great products, and a Greek BBQ

Electrocoin Park Avenue
The annual pilgrimage to Park Avenue has been sorely missed by an industry in which tradition is a virtue. Thankfully, however, it’s renewal this year will see the Open Day back in full force, with co-host Electrocoin’s John Stergides snr confident that the Avenue will be bustling once again this week with good people, great products - and the smell of Greek BBQ in the air. Thirty-five years and counting, Park Avenue Open Day is back with more participants than in the noughties and a winning formula ahead of the summer bustle.

New Mr Do title delivers “very positive” Interfun Expo for Electrocoin

Mr Do Space Rocks Electrocoin Sales Interfun Expo John A Stergides Gary Newman
The debut of Mr Do Space Rocks delivered a “very positive” response for Electrocoin at this year’s Interfun Expo, with sales and marketing manager John A Stergides telling Coinslot “there’s been a really strong response.”

Electrocoin to debut Mr Do Space Rocks at Interfun Expo

Electrocoin Mr Do Space Rocks debuts Interfun Expo
While showcasing its highly popular Skill Shooter, Mr Do Air Balls, Win Spin and Lady Bug Pusher at this year’s Interfun Expo, Electrocoin will introduce its latest closed loop pusher, Mr Do Space Rocks, to attendees on the 26 - 27 April.