Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Inspired doubles revenue from pubs, parks and motorway service stations

Inspired Entertainment revenue
As pubs filled up, roads became busier, and holiday parks opened early in the second quarter of 2022, Inspired Entertainment increased its leisure revenue by more than double, with overall income up 72 percent to £58m.

Will rise in electric vehicle charging drive leisure and hospitality to motorway services

Electric Vehicles rise drive leisure and hospitality motorway services
Business is booming at motorway services due to an increase in visitors with electric vehicles, who have double the average “stay time” when charging their car - time that can be filled with food, drinks, and all important amusements.

New motorway services approved for Catcliffe

Catcliffe plans new motorway services
Rotherham Council has approved plans for a new Welcome Break service station to serve the M1 at Catcliffe, with the 24-hour facility hosting a dedicated gaming area.

Inspired pleased with UK business performance

Brooks Pierce Inspired Entertainment
Inspired’s president and COO Brooks Pierce said the “staycation phenomenon in the UK” has helped both the company’s holiday park and motorway services business.

Playnation extends Moto supply deal

Playnation Moto supply deal
Playnation has confirmed a five year extension to its machine supply deal with motorway services operator Moto, building on the success of an existing 12-year partnership.

Playnation wins five-year extension at Welcome Break

Playnation contract extension with Welcome Break
Last week Inspired unveiled their Q3 financials and there was an optimistic tone to their commentary. This week, we can see why with subsidiary Playnation earning a five-year extension to its machines contract with Welcome Break.

On the virtues of motorway service stations

Motorway Services
Relieving the tedium of a long car journey, Britain’s service stations brings one Huffington Post journalist perhaps a little too much joy. Are motorway service stations coming into their own?   “Borderline orgasmic” aren’t perhaps the first two words you’d associate with the average visit to a British motorway service station, but that’s precisely the term one journalist for the Huffington...