Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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Admiral’s Jowsey: Sod support, just let us reopen

Admiral Taverns Chris Jowsey
Heading up Admiral Taverns, Chris Jowsey has called many of the government’s concessions to hospitality “useless” in the fact of extended closure - and called for a timetable towards reopening synchronised with that of other non-essential retail.

Pubs biggest challenge is frightened punters, says Draft House founder

Pub lockdown restrictions Draft House
A senior voice within the UK’s hospitality industry has spoken out against the severity of lockdown restrictions, arguing that such was the degree of alarmist rhetoric from both media and government pertaining to Covid- 19, that the British public was now experience “FOGO,” or “fear of going out.”

European bars could pave the way for UK pub reopening

Pubs reopening
The Morning Advertiser has predicted that measures taken by European bars and restaurants in lifting lockdown could provide a template for how the UK pub industry reopens its doors

Morning Advertiser and MatchPint partner on sports in pubs conference

gambling adverts, Sky, CEO, Stephen van Rooyen
The Morning Advertiser and MatchPint have teamed up to launch a free one-day conference to focus on making the most of showing sport in pub venues.   The Morning Advertiser and MatchPint, along with event partners, will discuss and showcase the best and most effective ways to show sport in pubs as well as suggesting the best marketing ideas to encourage...