Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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JNC Sales to spotlight Mini House crane at EAG

JNC Mini House Crane
JNC’s new sales and marketing manager Rich Clarke anticipates a strong showing at this year’s EAG, with the family-owned company spotlighting its Mini House crane, as part of its broad line-up of amusement machines.

JNC Sales take pre-orders for Mini House and Rocket Launch at ACOS

Tom Clarke Sam Coleman JNC Sales ACOS mini house
With strong cashbox data from this season to back it up, JNC offered Mini House to operators at last week’s ACOS, with many placing pre-orders for the two player crane a head of next season. This was also the case with its new space-themed prize redemption machine, Rocket Launch, which managing director Tom Clarke backed to really take-off in 2022.

JNC unveils Mini House on a maxi stand at ACOS

It may be a Mini House making its debut, but it’s going to be a full house for JNC at ACOS. The machines supplier will be adding its big-hitting performers alongside the debutant with Giant Prize Pod Pro and Crazy Toy crane also heading down to London. JNC’s managing director Tom Clarke details the ACOS line-up.

JNC prepares for new season debuts as Rocket Launch, Mini House and Epic Shooter head to the market

JNC Sales Rocket Launch
JNC will mark the industry's return to action with the debut of three new products set for the FEC market this summer, keeping its focus on “utilising space and optimising takings with minimal risk”.